Ratcheting Tensions

Tune in to hear how America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host cope with tensions, ratcheting and otherwise, across a spectrum of increasingly shocking and violent incidents.

But then there are the tranquil wavelengths found in a field of flowers that use a trick of the light to attract the bees they need… Now that’s a nice way to start!

From there we go to a brick in the face of a teacher hurled by the mother of a fourth grader, and coming in at reason number 1,104 to get (or keep) your children OUT of the government schools.

Donald Trump is considering visiting the Korean DMZ, and getting plenty of advice from his retinue of alternately cowardly and stupid democrat advisors, while the Kurds find themselves turning to the Russians after realizing they’ve earned only the derision of every American administration for whom they’ve fought (and won).

And then there is the latest scandal that would topple the careers and ruin the reputations of any politicians EXCEPT Bubba Bill Jeff and Hillary Clinton! The Russian Uranium One Scandal is upon us; proving your host was right that the dems and the media have stirred up all this muddy Russian water to conceal their own guilt and corruption… but so what. It doesn’t matter. The Clinton Beast lives on. And we’re so jaded…

We’ll look in on a 186 Tortoise named Jonathan who never did anything but be interesting, and who’s now accused of possibly, maybe, perhaps being a homosexual by the sex perverts in academia and the secular media.

We’ll recall for you Law Enforcement’s “Operation Cross Country”, an annual exercise of trolling for the kidnappers and rapists that the Proctocracy has forced them to regulate.

You’ll hear about the latest record low American Birthrate, (and the abortion pills that fuel the decline). Alongside reason number 1,105, the “items” Planned Parenthood brings to the government schools to teach your kids how to “Get Real” about fornication!

Find out about the latest information on Dr. Walt Brown’s  Hydroplate Theory (of how and why the earth looks and behaves the way it does) with a Special Video Package fit for any scientific curriculum from our friends at

Finally you’ll be privy to the necessary condemnation of all the perverts who ran pictures of the Playboy tranny, (which we’ll NOT link to) and have a laugh as our liberal neighbors in San Francisco sink further into the fear and loathing they have chosen for themselves.

And a bit of Tim Tebow, taking a knee and empty NFL stadia just for good measure!

All at the podcast below folks!



Moral Status and Viability

America’s most attractive audio engineer is back! Join her and her host on a tour of the events of the week from a decidedly viable world view that will invigorate your moral status!

We begin with America’s poster boy fro home schooling Tim Tebow and his exploits just loving on God’s children and hitting home runs!

Then it’s on to the poster boys for getting your kids OUT of the godless, homosexualist, socialist, schools, Jared Anderson, (teacher of the year until his arrest for molesting boys), the Minnesota Department of Education, (who “segregate” normal kids made uncomfortable by trannys), and Jose Moreno, who admits he had no idea about the alleged decade old homo “rape culture” amongst the upperclassmen on the football team)!

And then there is the mom who threw her baby in the trash, but the baby survived, even though she was “unviable”.

We have actor James Franco and Professor Liz Harmon plowing old ground about how murderers justify their murders by denying their victim’s Personhood, and how decent people find their justifications perplexing.

We’ll discuss the outrageous fact that “Son of Sam” killer David Berkowitz is still alive, comfortable, and mocking God, and superstitious morons lighting candles in Costa Mesa against evil spirits…

We’ll cover the Israeli Government’s moral capitulation to a certain Arab terrorist and what it means to the future of the conflict, the Egyptian’s more appropriate response to terrorists, and why America cannot prevent a catastrophe in Venezuela.

All this, along with OPEC, blood stripes and sparrows at the podcast below:



A Brief History of Hell

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer joins her host on a trip to Hell and back!

We’ll talk justice with Nate Hunter, baseball with Tim Tebow, fraternity at Penn State, public school teachers on the Internet, and criminal background checks with Kathryn Hagan.

We’ll unpack Donald Trumps executive order on Religious “Liberty“, John McCain’s betrayal of Army Secretary candidate (and Creationist) Mark Green, and the millions of dollars proposed by our Congress to fight ISIS, Al Qaeda, misogyny

And then there’s North Korea’s kidnapping of another American, terrorist Mahmoud Abbas honored in the White House, Iran’s military build up funded by Barry HO, the French election, roofing, and other examples of Hell on Earth.

All at the podcast below: