Moral Status and Viability

America’s most attractive audio engineer is back! Join her and her host on a tour of the events of the week from a decidedly viable world view that will invigorate your moral status!

We begin with America’s poster boy fro home schooling Tim Tebow and his exploits just loving on God’s children and hitting home runs!

Then it’s on to the poster boys for getting your kids OUT of the godless, homosexualist, socialist, schools, Jared Anderson, (teacher of the year until his arrest for molesting boys), the Minnesota Department of Education, (who “segregate” normal kids made uncomfortable by trannys), and Jose Moreno, who admits he had no idea about the alleged decade old homo “rape culture” amongst the upperclassmen on the football team)!

And then there is the mom who threw her baby in the trash, but the baby survived, even though she was “unviable”.

We have actor James Franco and Professor Liz Harmon plowing old ground about how murderers justify their murders by denying their victim’s Personhood, and how decent people find their justifications perplexing.

We’ll discuss the outrageous fact that “Son of Sam” killer David Berkowitz is still alive, comfortable, and mocking God, and superstitious morons lighting candles in Costa Mesa against evil spirits…

We’ll cover the Israeli Government’s moral capitulation to a certain Arab terrorist and what it means to the future of the conflict, the Egyptian’s more appropriate response to terrorists, and why America cannot prevent a catastrophe in Venezuela.

All this, along with OPEC, blood stripes and sparrows at the podcast below:



A Brief History of Hell

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer joins her host on a trip to Hell and back!

We’ll talk justice with Nate Hunter, baseball with Tim Tebow, fraternity at Penn State, public school teachers on the Internet, and criminal background checks with Kathryn Hagan.

We’ll unpack Donald Trumps executive order on Religious “Liberty“, John McCain’s betrayal of Army Secretary candidate (and Creationist) Mark Green, and the millions of dollars proposed by our Congress to fight ISIS, Al Qaeda, misogyny

And then there’s North Korea’s kidnapping of another American, terrorist Mahmoud Abbas honored in the White House, Iran’s military build up funded by Barry HO, the French election, roofing, and other examples of Hell on Earth.

All at the podcast below:



Beautiful Babies

Tune in to hear America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host draw a red line from Syria to Washington DC, and then cross it with the shock and awe of overwhelming force.

You can participate in our non existent poll, (because polls are stupid) regarding  America’s preference: Hyperloop or self driving car…

The saga continues in Tennessee as the wife of the despicable teacher who kidnapped the freshman girl has filed for divorce, while students and teachers back at the high school prove to be creepy examples of the “gross national product“.

We check in with gender identity for murderers in Berkeley, the Moslem birthrate, (and the lack of a Christian one), and “gAyPRIL” at U.C. San Marcos, a month-long celebration of the mentally deranged and those who encourage them!

We check in with a Detroit mother and son’s horrifying public “transition” to father and daughter, a Democrat president bombing Syria, and a “pro-life industry” shell game he’s playing on the side.

Come with us to Philadelphia where doctors performed a historic heart surgery on an unborn person, and then to Zebulon North Carolina, where an 18 year old son decapitated his mother because he “felt like it“. (As if to preemptively answer the question, “how can you be pro-life and pro-death penalty”)?

And then on down to Arkansas where circumstances have forced the weak kneed RE-publican governor Asa Hutchinson to schedule 8… make that 7 executions in the days following Resurrection Sunday!

We stop off briefly in Chicago where traceable bullets and bullet proof vests are actually entertained as legitimate responses to the bloodbath by “activists”, democrats, and leftists of varying stripes, and gender identities…

We decry the terror bombings of Coptic Christians in Egypt by Moslem terrorists and ask of God that His vengeance and fiery damnation would rain down without mercy upon the heads of those who kill the innocent.

And finally we check in with Chico, the steer who led the St. Louis bovine jailbreak that led him and 5 others to freedom, with Barry Manilow who wants us all to know he’s queer, with Rodrigo Duterte who wants us all to know he’s an adulterer, and with former ball player Rob Gronkowski who wants us all to know that Tim Tebow is still playing ball.

It’s all at America’s fastest steaming podcast!