The Sinister & the Fools

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as another week dawns at the ragged edge of these interesting times.

We visit the death bed of Albert Einstein to learn one of the reasons Jesus makes Christians better people, Al Safa in Syria where the heathens are closing in on destroying the maniacs, and Danvers, Connecticut where even the ridiculous, government mandated over-supply of disabled parking spots has not mollified the hatred in the heart of an America two or three generations departed from Godliness!

Then there’s China’s new “Death Star” to worry about, trannies traveling the world, but feeling they are still in prison, (which Bradley Manning certainly is), and ABC television headquarters where in a sane world the executives responsible for Danny on “A Million Little Things” would be arrested for molesting the minds (at the very least) of men, women and children everywhere.

The youth feel lonely, the police are suicidal, and Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz want to augment the Orwellian “Stop School Violence Act” with the cover and concealment only federal “Student Support and Academic Enrichment” grants can provide in the government schools!

Come to Austin, where every good Texan wants to vomit out the freaks and queers destroying the common fabric of what we all once agreed was simply “Male & Female”, while forcing hard working citizens to catalog and report on the garbage they can no longer throw away!

We’ll analyze the sad and shifting “truth” about renewable energy sources, and cast aspersions on both the weirdos and the hippies at the heart of the “war” between the Vegans and Whole Foods in Berkeley.

And finally, we’ll recap how the the devil won the battle between Brett Kavanaugh and his accusers, as conservatives and Christians slobber all over homosexualist, child killing socialists like Susan Collins and other Establishment Deplorables, successfully covering up murders & generally lowering the bar for what it means to be a hero, or brave, or even a conservative.

All that and a few seminal moments in the political awakening of an average American kid in the 20th Century.



The Tumultuous & the Dubious

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as she pulls her host back from the rhetorical ledge with soothing bumps that bring the chaotic week into a more rational focus.

You’ll hear from one of the smartest men on the planet, Stephen Hawking, expressing the fear and excitement of pondering the existence of space aliens!

Seniors are hiding out in their New York apartments for fear of being mugged by common criminals while real live terrorists are bombing us in the streets and shooting & stabbing us at the mall.

But the racist agitators of the “Black Lives Matter” worked overtime to shout their fake narratives loud enough to drown out what’s real…

And America’s first openly racist president, Barack Hussein Obama used the opening of a “black only” museum (that George W Bush built for his racist, liberal friends) to introduce further divisive, racist & hateful commentary into the already boiling caldron of racial angst bubbling across nation.

But Barry’s not worried about a thing. He was again allowed to lie to the face of every American this week without consequence.

Hillary has refused to take a neuro-cognitive test to ensure her supporters that she’s healthy enough to serve, while Ted Cruz offered evidence, (in his endorsement of Donald Trump) that the evangelicals Ted bamboozled during the primaries might want to consider a cognitive test of their own…

All that and a special behind the scene listen to Donald Trump’s debate prep at the podcast below.



Judicial (and Other) Supremacy

Listen in as America’s fastest streaming conservative talk show host and his extremely attractive audio engineer get right down to what exactly is Supreme!

The Italians certainly are not and had fewer babies last year than… EVER!

And the slashings continue on the subways in the gulag of New York.

Antonin Scalia, the most conservative Supreme Court justice of the past 30 years turns out to have have been a mere moral relativist who’s likely pretty nervous about explaining himself the the Living God in the hereafter….

Glenn Beck stopped on his way to an inevitable nervous breakdown to fast for Ted Cruz after crediting God with the aforementioned death of Antonin Scalia…

From the war file: The Barry & Kerry nuclear deal with Iran has sparked the inevitable nuclear arms race in the Middle East, While Barry dithers on whether to strike the ISIS maniacs who have filled the vacuum he and Hillary Clinton created in Libya. and the Islamists they armed are now fighting one another in Syria!

Thinking people are beginning to ask if America paid a ransom (and got taken) for deserter Bowe Bergdahl.

In Personhood News: a woman with Zika Virus in Mexico did not abort and had a healthy baby boy.

And a volunteer at a government elementary school has been charged with molesting and filming kids there.

And even though Barry HO met with prominent “Black Lives Matter” protesters over the weekend, they remain a pack of idiot, suicidal children who hate their parents,

Nike dropped Manny Pacquiao because he’s normal, gay men are more misogynist that most because they hate their moms and dads, and while Apple refuses to give in top Uncle Sam and crack the San Bernardinao Islamists i-Phone, they are all to willing to capitulate to the Chinese, (because there’s simply so much money involved).

And while the shock of yet another massacre grips Kalamazoo, we also see some hope, at in that we might all finally get our flying cars, and that two of sports biggest jerks, John Elway and Peyton Manning got everything they wanted, and ended up miserable about it!

It’s all in the Podcast, so give a listen and enjoy,