Shut Up & Eat

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host feast upon the pompous & dim-witted at a veritable buffet of remarkable news.

You’ll hear about Russian hero pilot Captain Damir Yusupov who crash landed an airliner in a cornfield saving all passengers on board!

And then there’s the father of Elizabeth Smart, (the kidnapping victim from 2002) coming out as a creepy weird homo…

The RE-publican (& Democrat knives are out for Representative Steve King for being too anti-abortion.

We’ll discuss the Orthorexics, the tax collectors and the industry getting rich off them, Al Gore and the point of no return, and a painting of Bill Clinton in a blue dress similar to Monica’s and Hillary’s!

Hear all about the rapper for whom President Trump tweeted “Free ASAP”, being found guilty of assault, how local government agencies are being help hostage to ransomware in Texas, and crisis of public feces gripping big cities in California.

And there are the record breaking hailstones in Colorado, opioids, “nose“-witnesses against Don Lemon, the bird whisperer, IlHAM Omar and Ra-Shiite Tlaib out of Jerusalem, and ISIS making the Taliban look like folks we might be able to get along with… All at the podcast below:



Innocence & the Hate Machine

When America’s most attractive audio engineer wraps a bumper round it, there’s nothing to be added. So tune in wrap your head around all this!

We begin by spreading a bit of holiday cheer around the latest military white paper describing how an EMP will wipe out just about everything, and the latest census data indicating that the old may outnumber the young in America for the first time ever, just a few short years from now.

And then it’s off to California where the right to kill old people is winning, to Utah where the solution of choice for jealousy fueled by sexual immorality is murder, and to Idaho where aging perverts tour the government schools with budding young RE-publican socialists, and everyone acts as if all that’s normal.

We’ll reveal reason 1,177 to get or keep your children out of the government schools, (they might be made to feel intimidated, as they are told to march in the Gay Pride Parade.

We wonder aloud why the fact that Donald Trump’s Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta helped secure a criminal plea bargain for convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, (and everyone Jeffrey invited, after they molested possibly a thousand teenaged girls) isn’t front page news and the topic of hours of CNN coverage. But then we realized how far up (and down) the cover up goes).

Finally we’ll ask why the Taliban is still killing Americans, and get a hint from other terrorists and the federal agents who are seduced by them. And the enormity of George H.W. Bush’s legacy, the earthquake in Alaska, the riots in France, counting calories and winning at home! All at the Podcast below:




Bloodshed & Violence

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host peer deep into the darkness to expose more of the corrosive sources of what ails us.

Listen in to find out how your hosts think America’s pulpits and synagogues should have responded to the Tree of Life Massacre versus how so many of them actually responded.

Then it’s on the Antarctica where one of Charles Darwin’s disciples acted out one of the foundational principles of Darwinian philosophy with a butcher knife, in an act that can rightly be judged evil by Christian standards, (but by Darwin’s not so much).

We’ll visit the latest “gun free” business to experience the wrath of another disciple of Darwin, (this one with  gun).

Then it’s across the seas where Europe’s worship of rules is leading to her suicide, and to Pakistan where the worship of the false god of the pedophile prophet Mohammed may just lead to the death of Asia Bibi and her family! We join her husband in calling on the President to act.

And then we’ll check into something of a reunion… this time of the “Taliban 5” who were released by Obama in exchange for a deserter, and the reunion is in Qatar with the Afghan Taliban! And that’s the same Afghan Taliban who’s “insider” just killed the mayor of North Ogden Utah, Brent Taylor of the Utah National Guard, on his 4th tour of Hell on Earth.

We’ll look in on the former Great Britain as she prepares to repatriate 80 “Isis Brides” and their children, quite possibly in an insane bid to outdo the afore-mentioned European Union’s suicidal madness of worshipping rules instead of God.

Then it’s more of Darwin’s disciples, this time manifesting his virulent racism; calling a family suffering from genetic mutations “animals” “missing links” and “evolutionary throwbacks”.

We’ll check in on the pile of pro-abort, homosexual and lesbian lawyers running “Our Children’s Trust” and the lawsuit against America by the child victims of America’s child killing climate policy.

We’ll run the numbers on the latest report from environmental “researchers” that claim Latin America has lost 90 percent of its wildlife. And that even if leftist governments fund their research and stop the catastrophic, man-made climate change induced “extinction events” happening all around us, the earth is still due to lose 90 percent of all corals… color us skeptical.

Join us for a visit with Whitey Bulger to analyze how it is that a lock in a sock works better than America’s Just-a-system, with Sully Sullenberger who should have just shut up and let us keep thinking he was alright, and with the President who is doing fine with building the wall and all, but has a penchant for populist antagonism that shouldn’t sit well with men who fear God and know history.

Listen in now at the Podcast below: