Harkening Back

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as the Weekly Worldview looks back on a time when we all could relate, and forward to a time that should scare the Hell out of you.

Join us at the borders of Hungary and Poland where seventy years of communist hell on earth brings their leaders to their knees in prayer, while in the Western Socialist Democracies judges order trannies into the military!

Kevin Spacey has upset the perverts in Hollywood & the media by conflating his homosexuality with his child molestation, (as if we hadn’t already figured that one out), while the queers now running George Washington’s church have thrown him out!

We’ve got undisciplined children driving a Tampa restaurant owner to just say “enough is enough” while Stephen Hawking projects his mental illness upon millions of children who’ve been told he’s the high priest of the god “science”.

Then there’s the old dry bone thrown to social conservatives by the RE-publicans: we’ll act like unborn children are persons in the tax code, (but won’t act stop their murder in the real world).

The deviants running the government schools in Oregon were shocked to discover that fornication is still considered a crime there, and a grandma in Kentucky got so mad about something that she littered her daughter’s school with dirty pictures!

Sadly the attempted suicide of a 12 year old boy caused the death of an innocent 22 year old woman, a murderer from 1970’s struck again in this century, and the latest blood drenched cry of “Allahu-Akhbar” in Manhattan was explained to those of us offended by an Imam in Denver…

And while ISIS issued threats against Britains toddler Prince George, we found ourselves more concerned with the actual harm his idiotic family will inflict upon him than the potential harm of any terrorist threat…

And then there was the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs Texas, where a descendant of Columbine joined his spirit to the descendants of Mohammed and brought more terror and bloodshed upon us. May God repay them all according to their deeds.



A Tale of Two Georges

America’s most attractive audio engineer invites you to leave your safety pin at the door and join us in a review of the week’s events from the adults in the room.

Find out what “alt/right” means to us, and then hear about how the Permian Basin’s Wolfcamp Formation will provide the oil we need to service the army of robots that Stephen Hawking warns may enslave us all!

Hear more whining from traitorous tranny Bradley Manning and delusional supporters of Edward Snowden regarding pardons from Barry HO. And even more whining from millennial idiot children demanding more tranny bathrooms at Amherst.

Tune in to find out about the incredible possibilities of gene editing research, as mankind stands at the cusp of a revolution to defeat HIV, cure cancer & make the blind to see, (if only we can keep reason and civilization from falling to the maniacs at home and abroad).

See the face of Personhood in a Japanese calligrapher spared from the holocaust against Down Syndrome children.

Discover the alarming breadth of the military & political delusion facilitating the invasion of Europe, and stark confirmation of our suspicions that the Moslem “migrants” among us and our European neighbors are shot through with Islamists Hell bent on our destruction.

And back at home, the incompetent fools of the Proctocracy insist on imprisoning and hardening the enemies we capture and convict, only to release them upon us at some future date.

And the war on police continues with slayings and ambushes from San Antonio, to Florida, to Anchorage & Fairbanks, to Pennsylvania & Central California.

And our prediction of “the age of the Celebrity Caesars” got a boost this past week from no less famous a celebrity than… Jabba the-Hutt!

Hear it all at the podcast below, as together we continue to march!



The Tumultuous & the Dubious

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as she pulls her host back from the rhetorical ledge with soothing bumps that bring the chaotic week into a more rational focus.

You’ll hear from one of the smartest men on the planet, Stephen Hawking, expressing the fear and excitement of pondering the existence of space aliens!

Seniors are hiding out in their New York apartments for fear of being mugged by common criminals while real live terrorists are bombing us in the streets and shooting & stabbing us at the mall.

But the racist agitators of the “Black Lives Matter” worked overtime to shout their fake narratives loud enough to drown out what’s real…

And America’s first openly racist president, Barack Hussein Obama used the opening of a “black only” museum (that George W Bush built for his racist, liberal friends) to introduce further divisive, racist & hateful commentary into the already boiling caldron of racial angst bubbling across nation.

But Barry’s not worried about a thing. He was again allowed to lie to the face of every American this week without consequence.

Hillary has refused to take a neuro-cognitive test to ensure her supporters that she’s healthy enough to serve, while Ted Cruz offered evidence, (in his endorsement of Donald Trump) that the evangelicals Ted bamboozled during the primaries might want to consider a cognitive test of their own…

All that and a special behind the scene listen to Donald Trump’s debate prep at the podcast below.