A Shallow Placid Sea

Check in with America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they do their part to lift civilization out of the shallow placid sea threatening to engulf us, one and all.

Join us in Korea for Team Spirit, in Gaza for the next wave of adolescent Palestinian blood, and to the southern border for Donald Trump’s redux of Barry’s march of the “Dreamers”.

We’ll talk suicide Hawaiian style, the possible implosion of the fascist left at Facebook, and the ambiguous declaration on the existence of Hell (the most likely eternal destination of the thieves and child molesters in the Vatican).

The Valentines Day massacre in Floria is generating Valentines Day Cards for the killer, lawyers for the wife of the Pulse Night Club killer appear to have bamboozled the average moronic American juror, and a transgendered army officer’s bust might soon replace that of Winston Churchill.

We also declare the undeniable humanity of every transgendered person, even as we condemn their abuse and lament the fact that they, like everyone else are victims of murder, and the Just-a-System at large.

London leads New York in murders for the first time since 1800, (even though the British “assault weapons” of choice are knives).

And in a world where for most, the Bible resides in “The Museum of the Bible” hypocritical, atheistic, Big Bang, Old Earth, Evolutionary Scientists have apparently achieved the impossible… they’ve stumbled upon the fact that Dark Matter does not exist, and gotten Stephen Hawking to go to church!

All this and some tales from the prairie at the podcast below:




Ironies, Heroes & Pigs

Listen is as America’s most attractive audio engineer bumps through the news of a week to be remembered for what we were taught by the children.

We note the tragic and inglorious passing of one of The Weekly Worldview’s top contributors the our “Sciiiiiiiiiiiiiience…Really“? file, Mr. Stephen Hawking.

Tune in to hear about the Jersey boys suspended from their government (school) institution for taking target practice after school, and the kindergartner sodomized by fellow students in his.

We give our Pig of the week award to Katy Perry for doing physically to a teenager what she typically does psychologically via her “music”.

And speaking of teenagers, has anyone wondered when it came to be that just being a teenager meant you were at risk for suicide? Listen in to hear more on that!

We cover the irony and the relative sadness of the whole “March for Our Lives” display.

Find out about the future of satellites & government regulation of them and how far police are going in demanding personal data in search of criminals, (and whether they are going too far)…

Then there’s Domestic Tranquility, or the lack thereof as relates to a pot-head killing her mom, and a man going on a murderous crime spree before ending it with a suicide by cop!

And with parole boards releasing even the most heinous of murderers, Herman Bell by name, it’s no wonder criminals have little fear, and crime feels like an epidemic.

We again salute Trump for calling for the death penalty for dope dealers, but wonder if that can ever really happen while he administers the murder of the innocents.

We go to Chicago to train for combat with Navy Medics, to Detroit to find out why it is the steering wheel might fall off your Ford, and finally to the South of France where Lieutenant Colonel Arnaud Beltrame showed the world what a hero is.

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Harkening Back

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as the Weekly Worldview looks back on a time when we all could relate, and forward to a time that should scare the Hell out of you.

Join us at the borders of Hungary and Poland where seventy years of communist hell on earth brings their leaders to their knees in prayer, while in the Western Socialist Democracies judges order trannies into the military!

Kevin Spacey has upset the perverts in Hollywood & the media by conflating his homosexuality with his child molestation, (as if we hadn’t already figured that one out), while the queers now running George Washington’s church have thrown him out!

We’ve got undisciplined children driving a Tampa restaurant owner to just say “enough is enough” while Stephen Hawking projects his mental illness upon millions of children who’ve been told he’s the high priest of the god “science”.

Then there’s the old dry bone thrown to social conservatives by the RE-publicans: we’ll act like unborn children are persons in the tax code, (but won’t act stop their murder in the real world).

The deviants running the government schools in Oregon were shocked to discover that fornication is still considered a crime there, and a grandma in Kentucky got so mad about something that she littered her daughter’s school with dirty pictures!

Sadly the attempted suicide of a 12 year old boy caused the death of an innocent 22 year old woman, a murderer from 1970’s struck again in this century, and the latest blood drenched cry of “Allahu-Akhbar” in Manhattan was explained to those of us offended by an Imam in Denver…

And while ISIS issued threats against Britains toddler Prince George, we found ourselves more concerned with the actual harm his idiotic family will inflict upon him than the potential harm of any terrorist threat…

And then there was the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs Texas, where a descendant of Columbine joined his spirit to the descendants of Mohammed and brought more terror and bloodshed upon us. May God repay them all according to their deeds.