Left is Right?

America’s most attractive audio engineer is positively on fire as she and her host take a blowtorch to the posers stealing away with what it means to be conservative.

Hear how merciful the Living God is, (even to those who hate Him), as we chronicle the fact that, as unattractive as it is… Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Madeleine Albright are still living!

Find out why war with Iran is the right thing to do, (and now)!

Get updated on Barry HO’s new Executive position: managing news coverage of all those knife wielding stabbing attacks, keeping track of his “commutees” who end up dead or back in jail, and organizing the leftist perverts in their now daily protests against everything we all know to be normal and good.

Find out who thinks a conversation with Chicago’s murderous gang leaders  to “lower the body count” is a good idea; who thinks homos and crotch comics are now “conservatives”, and how the South might rise again, but it might only stumble around in drag.

The Boy Scouts have joined the girl scouts in refuting the very names of their organizations by publicly approving the sexual abuse of mentally ill children.

And all that pre-natal care that Planned Parenthood provides, (you remember, the “health care” Donald Trump called “good” and “beautiful“)… well it turns out it’s only available to people right before they murder their baby.

But a mom and dad in the U.K. were a part of something truly good and beautiful that involved the kind of prenatal care that former Personhood advocate Lila Rose wishes Donald Trump really believed in…

It might be a bit hard to take, but FACE IT! You’ll get over the hurt feelings and maybe even grow up!



What to Believe…

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer guides her host like a drone swarm against the lies and deceptions sold as the truth to a generation of children wondering what they should believe.

Find out how suicide is now just another option for dealing with life’s problems, how British leftists think having more kids hurts the economy, why the Personhood Movement is something to be feared, (by the enemies of all that is right and good), and why the human being was not designed to treat sex like an amusement park ride!

Hear about the reality of that drone swarm we mentioned, why regulating murder is killing the pro-life movement, how American “faith leaders” blessed the murder and dismemberment of innocent people by Planned Parenthood in the nation’s capital, and why attempted arson is now deemed “political speech” if it is against Jews in Germany.

Dylan Roof joined Charles Manson on Death Row this past week, the Ft. Lauderdale Airport killer turned out to be a Moslem terrorist after all, and Berkeley didn’t even get through the first week of 2017 without a deranged homosexual murdering an innocent girl and stabbing another.

Find out why the upbringing of Millennials has left them wondering what to believe, why the FBI arrested a VW employee for outsmarting their bureaucratic brethren at the EPA, what “Bikers for Trump” really means for the future of the country….

And finally, how it is now illegal to behave like a civilized person on a freezing  Michigan morning!

Get your head all around it at the podcast below…




Outnumbered by the Stupid

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer holds on tight as her host launches an assault of biblical proportion upon those assaulting common sense.

Listen in to hear about ISIS terrorists being allowed to flee Mosul by Russian, American, Iraqi and Kurdish forces who don’t seem to understand how to defeat our enemies.

Then there is Iran’s Revolutionary Guard imprisoning more Americans and bragging about collecting further ransom, all while Attorney General Loretta Lynch is allowed to “opt out” of the congressional investigation in the ransom already paid by Barry and his administration of suicidal, idiot children.

The Pentagon is warning against the use of Chinese made computers that my be “beaconing” back to Beijing.

Barry’s illegitimate children continue to build his legacy of public nuisance, fires, thick black smoke, rioting, shots fired, unrest and agitation on the private property of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

And meanwhile congress and the executive branch busy themselves making sure baby changing stations are available to everyone accessing government cheese.

You’ll also hear from two of the most gullible of the gullible evangelicals, Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell the lesser

We give you reasons 1087 through 1088 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools: they may be invited to join the “Planned Parenthood Generation Action club, your daughter may be joined in the locker room by a mentally ill and obviously abused tranny, or she may be molested by her AP English teacher.

But not everyone is stupid! a petition on to publicly hang a child killer garnered thousands of signatures before the guilt ridden perverts and criminals in the highest places of power pulled it down.

Find out where swatting flies fits in the spectrum of neurological breakdown, how a high school graduate views the unborn, how to confuse a normal boy at the Target dressing room, why Judgment Day is more important than election day, and why America’s most attractive audio engineer is convinced that this election, and indeed the future governance of our posterity will be decided by the stupid!

Hear a discussion of a superbly written account by professor Anthony Esolen of Providence College of how the transgenderists are seeking not the safely of all children, but the overthrow of all that is known to be real and true…

Janet Jackson is pregnant and wearing a Hijab!

And in Europe the Brits are throwing “vasectomy parties” and the (formerly Christian) Church of Sweden has agreed with a public school teacher to maintain an atheist cemetery.

It’s all there, in about an hour at the podcast link below.