The Narrative

Get it. Don’t lose it. It’s the narrative. And America’s most attractive audio engineer is here with her host to help you get it back!

Speaking of which; if Oprah was waiting to hear from God about running for office, she wouldn’t have heard it on the set of “A Wrinkle in Time” since all references to God were excised by the Hollywood producers!

Get a whiff of the 8-foot Marion Barry statue, Suge Knight’s “criminal” defense, the “Scopes Monkey Trial” of Climate Change, and where Trump should meet Kim Jung-Un, and exactly what he should say!

Evangelicals were feeling particularly bamboozled this past week as Trump re-nominated one of Barry Ho’s leftover, mentally ill lesbians to head the EEOC, and the Pro-Life Industry further agreed to the funding of more child killing, if they could just “opt-out” of actually killing babies themselves.

The “Sanctuary City” policies so revered by the dark and evil forces of the left have cost another innocent American his life. But they also presented American Law Enforcement with an opportunity to restore sanity by investigating, and if at all possible, arresting, charging, trying and convicting the guilty governing officials.

Our Domestic Tranquility remained in a shattered state; beset by stand-offs, mass murders and murder/suicides. But at least in Florida one convict (belatedly) got what he had coming!

And as hope of restoring a good, common sense Fear of God amongst the people balances precariously between jail-house weddings & “religious” criminality, the children are led to “walk-out” for reasons yet to bet determined by the agitators so insidiously molesting their minds and souls.

All that and Xi Jin Ping’s China, the US v California, Tariffs, and one option for the humane treatment of a mortally wounded deer mouse!



Cosmic Evening

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer stands up alongside her host to speak truth to both power, and the powerless.

We’ve seen the new face of conservatism in Germany, (and it’s gay), and the new face of liberalism in America, (and it’s nuts).

Boko Haram has taken another hundred schoolgirls and there was nary a hashtag on Oscar Night…

Meanwhile, in America; another family detonation, another schoolgirl choosing murder to solve an inconvenient pregnancy, and a dead democrat staffer barely amount to a blip on our collective radar.

In South Africa the legacy of socialist Nelson Mandela is showing, in Hollywood Will Smith’s sins are showing, in Chicago Oprah Winfrey’s hubris is showing, and in Washington D.C. Donald Trump’s common sense is showing.

We’ve got high potency pot threatening to take what’s left of the Western mind, tranny’s joining up in the military despite the Commander in Chief’s “ban“, Elton John upset his fans are actually listening to his lyrics, and Silicon Valley’s elite doing something surprisingly normal with chickens!

Then there are the issues of cremation and the Big Bang, (one of which should not have been introduced and the other you’ve gotta hear)!

All this and maybe just a little extra at the podcast below…