Clear & Present Danger

America’s most attractive audio engineer is back! Wrapping her hosts unapologetic commentary in snippets of audiological punctuation for your edification and entertainment.

You’ll hear about prosecutor and Social Justice Pit Bull Marylin Mosby’s failure to prove Freddy Gray’s murder justified anything like the “Black Lies Matter” narrative, the Navy’s decision to dishonor themselves by honoring homo, pedophile & killer Harvey Milk, and the “After School Satan Club” as reason number 1051 to get, or keep your kids out of the government schools.

As America & the world descend into a smoldering state of civil war we cover the continuing assassination of our police, flash mobs robbing women, the return of the subhumans to Normandy, and our unofficial 2016 nominee for Planned Parenthood’s “Margaret Sanger Award“.

See the Socialist “Bern” in Venezuela descend into weeping & begging for food & discover how we know better than Mario Antoinette and the weirdos at Ancient Aliens what extra terrestrial intelligence built the moon and some of the reasons He may have placed it so carefully.

Presidential assassin John Hinckley Jr. is set to get away with shooting the president, (and killing James Brady), homo Democrat donors are apparently high maintenance hate machines, and the term “Pro-Life” has officially been corrupted to mean you are against killing only some innocent people.

One bright spot: a pornographers convention in Houston has been run out of the Hilton!

We cover more evidence that Zika is now a venereal disease, the DNC is proud to kill their children, (and any others they can get), and how the #gullibleevangelical tag now applies to formerly respected preacher Franklin Graham.

All that and something for the kids as well, this week at the podcast below:



The Next Great Ruler

This week The Worldview features America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host bringing the often misguided reportage of the popular media into sharper focus just for you!

Find out how Margaret Sanger and the Humanists murdered over 60 million innocent people over the past 100 years, and how both the American Porn industry and the Islamic state have issued rules on how to treat sex slaves!

You might be shocked to learn how an even bigger Rape Culture exists in the (radical & “moderate“) Islamic world, and how it’s been imported into Europe and beyond.

Judge Roy Moore has stopped issuing “marriage” licenses to homosexuals, but stops short of the real reason we need all that to stop. (reasons like the fact that polygamy & bigamy are no longer recognized as abuse of women and children).

A New Jersey school has thrown out “God Bless America” for fear of the lawyers!

And while a heroic cop shot back at another “warrior of Allah” in Philly, the Marine Corps was ordered to go coed & gender neutral!

The West foolishly downplayed North Korea’s latest nuclear test both in the media and in the White House, while the catastrophe they created in Libya produced a “cry for help“, and a warning from beyond the grave from the Libyan dictator Hillary Clinton “came, saw & killed“.

Apparently “El-Chapo” proved himself more valuable to his captors alive than dead, while Hillary Clinton answered questions about her likely felonious transmissions of classified intelligence by asking that we instead focus on extra-terrestrial intelligence! (Lending even further credence to your hosts prediction that Hillary Clinton will not be the 2016 Democratic nominee)!

It might be hard to believe, it might be hard to take, but here it is. And despite the insanity of it all, we’ll help get you through it!