The Tumultuous & the Dubious

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as she pulls her host back from the rhetorical ledge with soothing bumps that bring the chaotic week into a more rational focus.

You’ll hear from one of the smartest men on the planet, Stephen Hawking, expressing the fear and excitement of pondering the existence of space aliens!

Seniors are hiding out in their New York apartments for fear of being mugged by common criminals while real live terrorists are bombing us in the streets and shooting & stabbing us at the mall.

But the racist agitators of the “Black Lives Matter” worked overtime to shout their fake narratives loud enough to drown out what’s real…

And America’s first openly racist president, Barack Hussein Obama used the opening of a “black only” museum (that George W Bush built for his racist, liberal friends) to introduce further divisive, racist & hateful commentary into the already boiling caldron of racial angst bubbling across nation.

But Barry’s not worried about a thing. He was again allowed to lie to the face of every American this week without consequence.

Hillary has refused to take a neuro-cognitive test to ensure her supporters that she’s healthy enough to serve, while Ted Cruz offered evidence, (in his endorsement of Donald Trump) that the evangelicals Ted bamboozled during the primaries might want to consider a cognitive test of their own…

All that and a special behind the scene listen to Donald Trump’s debate prep at the podcast below.




Tune is as America’s most attractive audio engineer adds her personal touch to an examination of the rise of the age of assassins, both cultural & literal.

Hear how the Marines are being forced to recruit girls from high school wrestling programs to satisfy the lusts of the feminists, the homosexualists and the other assorted suicidal idiot children in the Barry HO administration, why the perverts running your kid’s government school are obsessed with trannies, and why the Moslems asking for the legalization of polygamy find their post christian European hosts foist on their own petard.

Listen in as we cover the coming “historic reversal” of geezers on welfare vs youth, right alongside the (latest) record drop in American pro-creation.

Hear about the latest DNC associates found DEAD in Hillary’s presidential wake, and hear from Kathy Shelton, the rape victim who at age 12 became one of Hillary’s youngest victims.

Adding to the sense of lawlessness engulfing the country is assassin John Hinckley, Jr. voting in November, nearly one hundred were shot in Chicago in under a week. And Black Lies Matter is rampaging on behalf of another gangsta, put down by the fine officers in Milwaukee, (after summarily abandoning their latest effort at a lying narrative) while another cop is assassinated in Georgia, (and an Imam is gunned down outside his New York City Mosque).

The naked treason of our highest officials is on display as Barry’s ransom of $400M was followed up by swift (yet mysterious) delivery of the other $1.3Bn to our sworn enemies in Iran while fellow traitor Ed Snowden snowed the University of Colorado for a fifty thousand dollar speaking fee, and Hillary Clinton’s State Department was caught red-handed taking orders from George Soros!

But the Kurds appear to finally have a stranglehold on ISIS supply lines, despite the best efforts of the Islamic State’s earliest known supporters.

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Holder, Clinton, Albright, Syphilis, Gonorrhea

The nations most attractive audio engineer takes you and her host on another romp through the collapse of what could have been a once great civilization!

We’ve learned that Moslem scientists have come up with exactly what the world needs now: more Viagra!

Eric Holder tells us that treason is a public service.

And our two Worldview “everyday heroes” are a dad who lunged for the neck of his daughters murderer, and a husband who beat his wife’s would be rapist to death with a tire iron!

Super Syphilis & Monster Gonorrhea could end up as the most ubiquitous legacy of the modern Democrat party.

The liberal utopia of Chicago logged 6 murders and 66 shootings over Memorial Day Weekend.

While the equivalent of a liberal social disease; Madeleine Albright declared that “nobody is going to die“, over Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information, (even as investigators told us that the names (and hence the lives) of concealed intelligence officials were put at risk by Hillary’s refusal to properly employ prophylactic electronic security).

Cassius Clay has lost his life, but not his pride.

Meanwhile, as too many men & women of the christian west go clubbing with their condoms & IUD’s in tow, a Pakistani man is well on his way to 100 Moslem children!

We discuss the rising antisemitism of the French, Atheists who want to have the Love of God without God, how Bumblebees make atheists look like complete and utter fools, and the delusional minds of the rich and moronic!

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