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Join America’s most attractive audio engineer for a review of the current state of American Civilization and just what we’ve gotten ourselves into…

Hear us “not” report on Seattle’s openly flamingly homosexual mayor Ed Murray and the accusations he molested boys for crack in the 80s, the future of the decidedly STRAIGHT flying car, and Bill O’Reilly’s long form confession.

We’ll talk about bombing ISIS, hanging Islamists in Bangladesh, the modern day Arab slave trade in Libya, and domestic tranquility shattered in San Bernardino.

Find out why the war on Capital Punishment is being waged by godless, wicked reporters, activist, lawyers and legislators alike, and get a prediction on executions, (or the lack thereof in Arkansas for the foreseeable future.

We cover criminals with no fear of justice, lawmakers crafting a wink at rampant teenaged sexual immorality, and reason number 1,1007 to get (or keep) your kids out of the government schools… they might come home with Norplant, (or a tax-deductible abortion)!

And finally we cover the “evolution” of Donald Trump, and his pro-abort confidant Ivanka from lifelong Democrat leftist, to populist/nationalists, and comfortably back to the Democrat left.

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Drugs, Guns, Hacks & Worse at Center Court

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and she and her host survey the decline and fall of Western Civilization though the hopeful eyes of a child.

This week you’ll hear how domestic tranquility was lost by one family on the wrong side of a gun, how the Jihadis and the socialists work hand in hand to destroy England, and how what’s left of the Christian church in Germany can barely figure out how to facilitate the conversion of a Moslem.

Gloria Steinem surprised the Worldview staff be just rearing her ugly head again, this time vomiting out her fear that Planned Parenthood advocate, long time donor (and quite possibly the presidency’s most frequent customer) Donald Trump will end legal child killing in America.

A couple of mentally ill homos were “engaged” in front of the children of Chicago with the help of the Chicago Bulls mascot at Center Court.

The Washington New York Axis (RE-publicans & Democrats) are both trying to get us to buy into the idea that it was Vladimir Putin’s hacking, and not their vacuous vapidity that allowed Donald Trump to crush them like insignificant bugs in the most embarrassing political collapse since the vandals sacked Rome.

And the strong Delusion continues as calls to decriminalize heroin get even louder now that heroin is killing more people than are bad guys with guns…

And America’s Just-a-System ground on like a gearbox lacking oil this week as murderers laughed, accused killers snapped selfies, robbers struck in broad daylight, and teenagers set the Smoky Mountains on fire, with no fear of serious punishment.

Quick thinking, resourceful doctors saved the life of a person at U.C. Davis by performing a “first of it’s kind” surgery, (first of it’s kind because the person they saved was in utero at the time)! We demand Personhood for all!

We find out that not only was the Oakland Ghost Ship a fire trap, but a death trap for the souls of the countless deviants, perverts & trannies who visited there, got high there, had sex there, and were burned to death there.

Chip & Joanna Gaines of “Fixer Upper” fame answered their contrived critics by going to church where the preacher is a normal, decent person, who knows that marriage is defined by God, and that homosexuality is a sin.

And finally, it appears Barry HO is offering a couple parting shots to the incoming Trump administration with his surrender of the U.S. Army to the Indians, (The Army Corps of Engineers anyway), and a hike in interest rates that could seriously threaten the Trump economic boom that is already happening.

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The Tumultuous & the Dubious

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as she pulls her host back from the rhetorical ledge with soothing bumps that bring the chaotic week into a more rational focus.

You’ll hear from one of the smartest men on the planet, Stephen Hawking, expressing the fear and excitement of pondering the existence of space aliens!

Seniors are hiding out in their New York apartments for fear of being mugged by common criminals while real live terrorists are bombing us in the streets and shooting & stabbing us at the mall.

But the racist agitators of the “Black Lives Matter” worked overtime to shout their fake narratives loud enough to drown out what’s real…

And America’s first openly racist president, Barack Hussein Obama used the opening of a “black only” museum (that George W Bush built for his racist, liberal friends) to introduce further divisive, racist & hateful commentary into the already boiling caldron of racial angst bubbling across nation.

But Barry’s not worried about a thing. He was again allowed to lie to the face of every American this week without consequence.

Hillary has refused to take a neuro-cognitive test to ensure her supporters that she’s healthy enough to serve, while Ted Cruz offered evidence, (in his endorsement of Donald Trump) that the evangelicals Ted bamboozled during the primaries might want to consider a cognitive test of their own…

All that and a special behind the scene listen to Donald Trump’s debate prep at the podcast below.