Opt Out

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer for a review of the current state of American Civilization and just what we’ve gotten ourselves into…

Hear us “not” report on Seattle’s openly flamingly homosexual mayor Ed Murray and the accusations he molested boys for crack in the 80s, the future of the decidedly STRAIGHT flying car, and Bill O’Reilly’s long form confession.

We’ll talk about bombing ISIS, hanging Islamists in Bangladesh, the modern day Arab slave trade in Libya, and domestic tranquility shattered in San Bernardino.

Find out why the war on Capital Punishment is being waged by godless, wicked reporters, activist, lawyers and legislators alike, and get a prediction on executions, (or the lack thereof in Arkansas for the foreseeable future.

We cover criminals with no fear of justice, lawmakers crafting a wink at rampant teenaged sexual immorality, and reason number 1,1007 to get (or keep) your kids out of the government schools… they might come home with Norplant, (or a tax-deductible abortion)!

And finally we cover the “evolution” of Donald Trump, and his pro-abort confidant Ivanka from lifelong Democrat leftist, to populist/nationalists, and comfortably back to the Democrat left.

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Science & Religion

America’s most attractive audio engineer brings her host along for a trip through the darkest recesses of religion and the brightest illuminations of science.

Tune in to hear about the UNGay Rights Envoy and the limits of religious freedom (in light of beheading and sodomy). Find out why prison officials in the U.K were forced to admit the fallacy of gender identity, (and why murderers, especially tranny murderers) should just be executed!

Hear about how God shortened the life sentence of a non tranny homosexual murderer and why telling the story of Adam and Eve to a homo got a preacher thrown in jail!

And then there is the answer to the question of exactly when life (and Personhood) begins…

The New York Times continued to cover up the most violent period in all of human history by ignoring “Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer”, while reviewing the memoir of a professional… “religious” child killer.

Meanwhile in Russia Putin’s minions may be poisoning people again, they blocked pornographers who failed to pay their bribes, and are demanding an apology from the insufferable Bill O’Reilly who, on top of being one of the most unwatchable personalities in the history of all media, is himself a killer.

And as Kim DUNG Un, dictator of North Korea continues to be allowed by the Western powers to test ballistic missile technology, we bring you one of the reasons why: the west faces a crisis of confidence; because even the French police practice the vilest of homosexual perversion!

And all this wile the lesbian/feminist zealots plot our “Day Without Dykes“, Barry HO organizes against America, and bureaucrats far and wide start looking over their shoulder when they discover they are the 2nd most likely people, (after whining fast food employees) to be replaced by robots!

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Divine Algorhythm

Join conservative talker Doug McBurney and his extremely attractive audio engineer as they analyze the news of the week from an unapologetic biblical world view!

We’ve got police raids, ISIS dragging the world back toward the middle ages, baby boxes in Indiana, (and Bob Enyart’s Big Bang Seminar at Lake of the Pines in Indianapolis this Saturday)!

Then there’s the mark of the beast at college in South Carolina, Washington state, and for a fire chief out of a job in Atlanta!

Bill O’Reilly is an even bigger blowhard than suspected, Stephen Hawking questions his god, And the universe may have began a billion years earlier than the big bangers thought, or it may not have had any beginning at all… just move along folks, nothing to see here, (except the collapsing gas cloud that is the big bang theory).

Taylor Swift gives us reason 786 to keep or get your kids out of the government schools, South Korea invites a surge in debauchery, Google gives the people what the want, (pornography… vox populi, vox diablo).

And the Army can’t find enough recruits for all the inked up, pill popping perverts that now represent the mainstream American youth, and the McBurneys are ensconced at their new high reverb compound in lovely Bennett, Colorado!

There’s other conservative talk out there, but there’s never been a chance for you to get the straight scoop on all the events of the week, packaged for your convenience in a sleek one hour format that saves you time, and keeps you on top of national, global &  extraterrestrial events! Enjoy!