Under Siege

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they break the siege of the psychological molesters, race hustlers and deviants who compare unfavorably to even a Coyote!

We’ll compare two dystopian constructs: The one imagined by the cowering children of Climate Change, and the other, actually being inflicted upon the people of Venezuela.

You’ll hear how Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are following the path of the adults who abused them and millions of others in the formative years by putting their two year old through sex ed class.

Find out how the Just-a-Sytem works, how God gave Cape Town South Africa a reprieve from the aforementioned “Mad Max dystopia“, and why Fox News is just another mouth-piece for the queers.

CNN meanwhile appears to have hired a North Korean editor!

We’ll go undercover with a Christian “outed” in a British school, and tell you all about how “Black Lives Matter” is not only a front for socialist agitation and the stoking of racial angst… It’s gone gay too!

Find out about reason number one to Home School instead of sending your kids to a private, “Christian” school…

Hear the final word on the racist Olympic Coin Toss, Bill Nye’s denial of humanity to the smallest and most defenseless among us, and how Gerber was the most effective warrior in the culture war this past week!

Then more from the youth! A baby left an airport bathroom in Tucson, and a dying girl raped and exploited in Washington State.

We’ll curse the sad dark aftermath of the un-funny Robin Williams suicide, analyze the drop in American Life Expectancy, and bring you the latest update on Barack Obama’s bloody Middle Eastern legacy.

All this and an update on the siege mentality at the McBurney compound and a cry for help to stop it!



All Lives Matter?

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as she and her host elucidate the strong delusion of the Black Lives Matter narrative, and others… even more sinister.

Hear about Bill Nye and the other atheists who showed up at Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter opening, (and hear a prayer for Bill Nye).

Japan’s demographic catastrophe continues unabated, Bradley Manning celebrated Barry & Ash Carter’s lifting of the military’s ban on trannies with a suicide attempt, Penn State is preparing to forget about the child molesters who defiled their locker room and continue with their worship of Joe Paterno, and the Boy Scouts are thanking Hooters for sponsoring summer camp!

Hugh Hefner is declaring a fleeting victory in the sexual revolution he started, the Bible established the basic plot for all subsequent authors, Goats are pretty smart and make fine pets, (and they don’t smell as badly), and police shot a white man in Fresno, and almost no one paid attention.

And despite his gullibility regarding the gangsta chick who live streamed her boyfriends death on Facebook, James O’Keefe rightly hails the value of live streaming video.

The NAACP is calling for federal laws to establish trust between the police and the community, while the leader of last week’s Dallas BLM march that ended with the ambush killings of at lease 5 police officers, the Right Reverend Jeff Hood, is a self proclaimed queer.

Alton Sterling was not innocent and neither was Philando Castile.

And finally Barry HO misleadingly addresses the vulnerable Americans who bear a particular burden foisted upon them not by the police, but by the absence of their father. And we point out his error of insisting that a false narrative be used to deceive a generation.

All that and more at the podcast below…



Nye + Soros x Drugs = Queers

This Week America’s most attractive audio engineer bumps along while her host pumps up the ranks of the “deniers” with the hard truth and good common sense!

So, there’s problems like men raping men in our military, child molesters hiring hit men to kill their victims, and Re-publicans who are so afraid of Barack Obama that they insist we all continue to pay for the abortions he oversees. And more trannies in the public schools!

We’ve got fathers wanting to marry their sons, an astonishing number of people on meds, an Islamist terrorist stabbing people on a campus in Merced California, (that didn’t seem to really make the news), and of course more stabbings in Israel as the 3rd Intifada rages…

George Soros has admitted that your host was right when he attributed most of the worlds woes to him, Big Bang Cosmologists and their brain-washed ignorant peons are having a hard time explaining all that oxygen on that comet, (even after all these billions, and billions, and billions, and billions of years), and Bill Nye continues his charade among the aforementioned brain-washed peons as some kind of “scientist”.

Your host reveals that Star Wars, the Force Awakens will be running in the afterlife, that Justin Bieber is at least as influential with Barry HO as is the Attorney General, and that no matter the social, cultural or political environment; that all men are free to serve one another!

Enjoy the podcast below,