Left is Right?

America’s most attractive audio engineer is positively on fire as she and her host take a blowtorch to the posers stealing away with what it means to be conservative.

Hear how merciful the Living God is, (even to those who hate Him), as we chronicle the fact that, as unattractive as it is… Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Madeleine Albright are still living!

Find out why war with Iran is the right thing to do, (and now)!

Get updated on Barry HO’s new Executive position: managing news coverage of all those knife wielding stabbing attacks, keeping track of his “commutees” who end up dead or back in jail, and organizing the leftist perverts in their now daily protests against everything we all know to be normal and good.

Find out who thinks a conversation with Chicago’s murderous gang leaders  to “lower the body count” is a good idea; who thinks homos and crotch comics are now “conservatives”, and how the South might rise again, but it might only stumble around in drag.

The Boy Scouts have joined the girl scouts in refuting the very names of their organizations by publicly approving the sexual abuse of mentally ill children.

And all that pre-natal care that Planned Parenthood provides, (you remember, the “health care” Donald Trump called “good” and “beautiful“)… well it turns out it’s only available to people right before they murder their baby.

But a mom and dad in the U.K. were a part of something truly good and beautiful that involved the kind of prenatal care that former Personhood advocate Lila Rose wishes Donald Trump really believed in…

It might be a bit hard to take, but FACE IT! You’ll get over the hurt feelings and maybe even grow up!



You’re Going to Get It.

Listen in to the inaugural 2017 Podcast as America’s most attractive audio engineer helps her host lift the veil on a new year, revealing what’s in store and what’s simply ridiculous.

We’ll check in on the poster boy for the American Just-A-System Charles Manson and the Death Penalty he’s about to get, (regardless of the opinion of the court).

We’ll follow three girls who instead of embarking on the boring, old fashioned path of marriage, pro-creation, instead are entertaining the likes of Pat Schroeder with their adventure into a Marine Corps Infantry battalion.

Find out why the American military has not executed a murderer in over fifty years despite having a number of qualified candidates, why we agree with the president of the Philippines on re-establishing the death penalty, and how the fountain head of Western Jurisprudence can no longer even protect the subjects of the crown from the creep in the park!

We’ve got convicted murderers receiving mutilation they call sex change operations, emotional support animals on every airplane in the country, a homo on CNN who can’t bring himself to recognize evil, and an emotionally needy lame duck president giving HIMSELF a medal!

We make the points that Barry HO is the original millennial, that George Washington would expect his namesake university to require American History to be a part of the History Program, and that Jerry Falwell Jr, & Franklin Graham are OK with Donald Trump going to Hell as long as his condemnation ensures them a few years reprieve from the reckoning they so richly deserve.

We’ll tell you about the perverts running the government schools and their human sexuality class for 9 year olds, gender identity training in middle school, a Harvard professor’s living example of Isaiah 5:20, and how a coop full of chickens is likely smarter than them all!

Everything you need to know about the news going into the New Year is right here at the podcast below…



Long Slide Into Darkness

America’s most attractive audio engineer wraps hers hosts accounts of the signposts along the road to hell with lively music to ease the pain of watching it all slip over the rim of Hell.

A pile of homos was embarrassed at Petco Field, (but not for what they should have been embarrassed about).

And our government schools produced reasons number 1053 (a veritable orgy in a toilet) and number 1054, (rape with a coat hanger) to get or keep your kids out of them!

Strip Clubs were advertising for high schoolers, “miss” trans-Israel was crowned in what was once called the Holy Land, RE-publicans walked out on a reading of God’s opinion of homosexuals, and Benjamin Harnwell gave a pertinent analysis of where this is all headed…

Britain has decided to look into whether or not Her Shariah Councils are compatible with the Magna Carta, Venezuela is adrift toward certain disaster, Canada’s illegitimate Prime Minister is encouraging his nation to commit suicide, And fake, phony, charlatan Donald Trump acts like he’s not sure where trannies should go to the bathroom…

Barack Obama expressed his regret that Truman did not slaughter another 3 million Japanese, and Cowboy Bob of the Question Evolution Project lifted the curtain on fake, phony, moron Carl Gallups and his promotion of apocalyptic dinners and America’s combed over Caesar.

And that’s just the news! We’ve also got food and security lines in Chicago, and a warning to keep your kids away from Evangelical Community Church youth groups.

Get it all, with musical accompaniment at the podcast below…