Shut Up & Eat

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host feast upon the pompous & dim-witted at a veritable buffet of remarkable news.

You’ll hear about Russian hero pilot Captain Damir Yusupov who crash landed an airliner in a cornfield saving all passengers on board!

And then there’s the father of Elizabeth Smart, (the kidnapping victim from 2002) coming out as a creepy weird homo…

The RE-publican (& Democrat knives are out for Representative Steve King for being too anti-abortion.

We’ll discuss the Orthorexics, the tax collectors and the industry getting rich off them, Al Gore and the point of no return, and a painting of Bill Clinton in a blue dress similar to Monica’s and Hillary’s!

Hear all about the rapper for whom President Trump tweeted “Free ASAP”, being found guilty of assault, how local government agencies are being help hostage to ransomware in Texas, and crisis of public feces gripping big cities in California.

And there are the record breaking hailstones in Colorado, opioids, “nose“-witnesses against Don Lemon, the bird whisperer, IlHAM Omar and Ra-Shiite Tlaib out of Jerusalem, and ISIS making the Taliban look like folks we might be able to get along with… All at the podcast below:



Unholy Trinity

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host on a trip all the way through the new anxiety plaguing the land, and out the other side.

We’ll talk about the USS Gerald R. Ford’s failure to launch, dim lights, low water pressure and “flight shaming” in the Eeeeeewwww, and the new generation of institutionalized anti-semitism rising in Europe just as the last one finally dies out.

Then there’s the Dayton mass murderer shooting his tranny sister first, a defense lawyer in a murder trial  asking jurors not to judge this…





…and then another important lesson for the marginal among us as convicted murderer Cyntoia Brown walked free due to leftist celebrity pressure and the

simple the passage of time.

In Iran the mullahs are talking about the Mother of All Wars, in Hungary they’re paying people to have children, and in America police have reason to believe that Quentin Tarantino’s idol Charles Manson may have murdered many more…

We’ll discuss the fact that everyone is getting more and more afraid, more, and more of the time. And how these days the weekly bloodbath in Chicago barely rates a mention in the media.

We’ll tell you about the latest family detonation in San Antonio and wonder aloud how the epidemic of murder suicide is not a national public health crisis.

In California we look at the impending collapse of the recycling charade, and in New York we look to see some video tape of how Jeffrey Epstein either killed himself, got killed, or maybe just found another way to buy his way out of prison.

All this and the bird whisperer…






















A Fate Worse Than Death

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer wraps her hosts account of Western Civilization circa 2019 with some grooves like spoons full of sugar.

We’ll start throwing some verbal chairs across the room when it comes to the whole trans-gender issue.

And we’ll talk about the new film “One Child Nation” that examines the horrors of China’s disastrous, and murderous one child policy.

Find out why women in Japan simply aren’t getting married anymore.

Discover the deadly truth about apps promoting and facilitating fornication and adultery.

Hear how “Sex and the City” left its creator relatively miserable and truly alone

Then there’s the Death Penalty for Child Molesters, the unbalanced and voluntary choking off of the royal bloodline, and the real possibility that Hillary Clinton will have child molester (and “Friend of Bill”) murdered in jail!

Of course we’ll plumb the depths of this recent torrent of mass murders, while we examine the lessons taught to the current generation of killers via the punishment of the last generation.

And as God continues taking peace away from the people murdering His Children terrorists are protected, and school supplies must become bullet proof.

All that and the Bird Whisperer, lovely girls with ugly tattoos, and getting the best use we can out of the 10 or 12 years we’ve got left before the Democrats end the world.