Ironies, Heroes & Pigs

Listen is as America’s most attractive audio engineer bumps through the news of a week to be remembered for what we were taught by the children.

We note the tragic and inglorious passing of one of The Weekly Worldview’s top contributors the our “Sciiiiiiiiiiiiiience…Really“? file, Mr. Stephen Hawking.

Tune in to hear about the Jersey boys suspended from their government (school) institution for taking target practice after school, and the kindergartner sodomized by fellow students in his.

We give our Pig of the week award to Katy Perry for doing physically to a teenager what she typically does psychologically via her “music”.

And speaking of teenagers, has anyone wondered when it came to be that just being a teenager meant you were at risk for suicide? Listen in to hear more on that!

We cover the irony and the relative sadness of the whole “March for Our Lives” display.

Find out about the future of satellites & government regulation of them and how far police are going in demanding personal data in search of criminals, (and whether they are going too far)…

Then there’s Domestic Tranquility, or the lack thereof as relates to a pot-head killing her mom, and a man going on a murderous crime spree before ending it with a suicide by cop!

And with parole boards releasing even the most heinous of murderers, Herman Bell by name, it’s no wonder criminals have little fear, and crime feels like an epidemic.

We again salute Trump for calling for the death penalty for dope dealers, but wonder if that can ever really happen while he administers the murder of the innocents.

We go to Chicago to train for combat with Navy Medics, to Detroit to find out why it is the steering wheel might fall off your Ford, and finally to the South of France where Lieutenant Colonel Arnaud Beltrame showed the world what a hero is.

All this and more at the podcast below.



The Narrative

Get it. Don’t lose it. It’s the narrative. And America’s most attractive audio engineer is here with her host to help you get it back!

Speaking of which; if Oprah was waiting to hear from God about running for office, she wouldn’t have heard it on the set of “A Wrinkle in Time” since all references to God were excised by the Hollywood producers!

Get a whiff of the 8-foot Marion Barry statue, Suge Knight’s “criminal” defense, the “Scopes Monkey Trial” of Climate Change, and where Trump should meet Kim Jung-Un, and exactly what he should say!

Evangelicals were feeling particularly bamboozled this past week as Trump re-nominated one of Barry Ho’s leftover, mentally ill lesbians to head the EEOC, and the Pro-Life Industry further agreed to the funding of more child killing, if they could just “opt-out” of actually killing babies themselves.

The “Sanctuary City” policies so revered by the dark and evil forces of the left have cost another innocent American his life. But they also presented American Law Enforcement with an opportunity to restore sanity by investigating, and if at all possible, arresting, charging, trying and convicting the guilty governing officials.

Our Domestic Tranquility remained in a shattered state; beset by stand-offs, mass murders and murder/suicides. But at least in Florida one convict (belatedly) got what he had coming!

And as hope of restoring a good, common sense Fear of God amongst the people balances precariously between jail-house weddings & “religious” criminality, the children are led to “walk-out” for reasons yet to bet determined by the agitators so insidiously molesting their minds and souls.

All that and Xi Jin Ping’s China, the US v California, Tariffs, and one option for the humane treatment of a mortally wounded deer mouse!