Ertelt Avoids Right to Life: Endorses Regulating Murder

As the “dark lord” descended upon Prescott AZ, and the American government issued directives on the roasting of marshmallows, your host and his extremely attractive audio engineer wrestled with the issues great and small for your edification and entertainment…

Joel Osteen’s wife spoke up leading thousands into confusion, and a federal judge has endorsed the sin of polygamy.

And last week key elements of Texas’ abortion regulations (approved by National Right to Life Committee, Steve Ertelt and countless other employees of the pro-life industry) were overturned in court, leaving pro-life industry hacks like Ertelt with nothing to discuss but talking points on the nuances of ambulatory surgical center rules and the vagaries of hospital admitting privileges.

Meanwhile other men in Colorado; leaders of the Personhood Movement, continued to drive the debate on the RIGHT TO LIFE, insisting that every innocent person has a God given Right to Life, (a debate Mr. Ertelt appears to believe… “has always turned out to be a losing effort”).

While in America, the “parents” in charge of our state universities are obsessed with regulating fornication

In Russia, Putin is reclaiming Ukraine.

In Israel the Hamas has won another battle, (at least for the moment, even securing a keynote from Jimmy Carter to one of their front groups).

In Saudi Arabia the child molesting, harem abusing king is warning Europe and America that the fanatics his wealthy citizens and princes fund are coming for us!And if anyone shouls know what the Islamists are up to, it’s him!

In Fort Hood the Obama Administration calls Nidal Hassan’s massacre “workplace violence”, even as he applies for citizenship in the Islamic State.

And at a Democrat fund raiser in the ironically named hamlet of “Purchase, New York” Barry HO Obama blamed the media for that growing sense that “the world is falling apart“, in spite of his jaw dropping admission to our enemies that we “don’t have a strategy to deal with the Islamic State in Syria yet“.

And in the midst of all this, Mike Tyson has convinced O.J. Simpson to consider converting to Islam… And while O.J. has some issues with the whole “fasting during Ramadan” thing, he is familiar with the devout Moslem hobby of human decapitation, so his place in the Caliphate may be a foregone conclusion.

So, there’s all that and a few other tidbits that might interest you. So grab the podcast, and launch yourself into the week armed with an interesting perspective that you just won’t find anywhere else!





The Caliphate and Other Life Events…

Join your host and his extremely attractive audio engineer in the first production of the Weekly Worldview since the host stopped listening to talk radio.

And it’s not like he had to try really hard like with smoking or something. Talk Radio simply lost it’s appeal. It’s the strangest thing… It’s a life event…

But we continue to read the news, mostly online, (despite the increasingly pornographic ads that seem to be everywhere all the time).

So tune in to hear about how newly minted criminal smokers beat the bureaucrats out of their stinking cigarette tax money, how adultery leads to murder, again, and absolutely nothing at all about Ferguson Missouri.

We take you to to Aiken South Carolina where the pledge of allegiance leaves out God, then puts Him back in, (but only in the pledge, for the rest of the school day it’s straight to Hell with jet rockets for everyone), to Compton California where the public school police force is requesting long guns, to Pasadena California where the next school shooting was averted, and then back to North Carolina where a Charlotte high school senior and her youth pastor miss the signs that it’s long past time to get your kids out of the government schools!

Private Bradley Manning is publicly complaining that the Army is not moving quickly enough with the mutilation “sex reassignment” surgery he was promised back when he first presented as a mentally ill traitor. And while the American army focuses like a laser on private Manning’s “life event”, the Islamic State is converting Christian churches into Mosques and terrorist headquarters, refugees are running, and crawling to escape beheading or worse in Nineveh province, British Jihadists are beheading Americans, and Barry HO is playing golf!

Finally, one of the founders of the ironically named “Death Row Records” narrowly escaped death himself at an award party for the illiterate Chris Brown, and a Spanish Senator is blaming the national debt on queers!


Whatever Happened to Brotherly Love?

Find out what did NOT happen in Ferguson Missouri & learn the truth about brotherly love this week as host Doug McBurney and his extremely attractive audio engineer bring you their Weekly Worldview.

As a man lay dying of a gunshot wound outside the “Concert for Peace on the Streets” of Philadelphia, another man was desperately trying to get His message of truth out to the concertgoers and the world:

“There is no greater love than this; that a man would lay down His life for His friends.”

And word is getting out! Starting right here at the Weekly Worldview…

But we must also condescend to cover the mundane and pedestrian… like accounts of things like a $9000.00 E.R. bill for stitches and a tetanus shot courtesy of America’s socialized medical system, the bidding at for a share of the money owed by O.J. Simpson to the family of one of the people he murdered, and the temporary “shelving” of a sex ed book so graphic your host could not fully convey the perversion for fear of violating your sense of common decency, by educators who want to discuss with parents the “appropriate age” at which to introduce your children to sexual degradation. (Some of them say it’s probably around age ten…)

Common Core is triggering an exodus from the government schools! Christians are feeling abandoned by the RE-publican party, And Rand Paul makes the brave assertion that stomping on kittens is something he’s against, (sorry, we meant killing babies). But we’re encouraged he says he supports Personhood!

DigitalGlobe’s latest satellites will be able to see your face from space, (but not nearly as clearly as God sees it everyday). A smell is going up to heaven from Denver, but it’s anything but a sweet smelling aroma. And a real life test of an App that warns of sketchy neighborhoods proves an ironic success in Washington D.C.!

A “Wildcat” from Arvada West High School in Colorado has been arrested for supporting the Islamic State terrorists, Mohammed is the most popular name for newborn boys in England, and a civilizational conflict of epic proportion is unfolding from Iraq to Syria to Turkey, to Gaza, to Nigeria and beyond…

But don’t be alarmed! Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has concluded an exhaustive review of approved military hairstyles, and has concluded that those members of the American military who manage to keep their heads in the coming conflict may wear cornrows…

It’s the view from up here, as we look down on the rest of the world from a mile above it all, and you’re welcome to it at the podcast link below.