Criminally Insane

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host for a review of the manifold criminal acts of the inmates upon the asylum.

See police roust a couple in their 90’s for sitting on the beach, hear about Boris Johnson’s illegitimate son, and watch the American marriage rate continue to plummet.

Find out what the heathen’s at Harvard think of home-schooling, what the weather men at the W.H.O now think of Sweden. And what the idiot in the White House thinks of them as well!

Harvard professors think we can endure lock downs and the like through 2021, Donald Trump can order meat processors to stay open, but he cannot make meat out of excess ventilators.

Hospitals are collapsing, and not because of COVID-19, but by the incompetence of policy makers, up to 60% of all epidemic deaths occur in nursing homes, and the aforementioned incompetent policy-makers created welfare policies guaranteed to inflate the number of deaths attributed to COVID-19.

Antibody testing continues to prove that the virus is far more prevalent and far less deadly than we were led to believe, but Bill de Blasio is more concerned with patronage gigs for his slow witted relatives to study racial inclusion and equity.

Dr. Anthony “faulty” Fauchi funded scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and crime is up in New York during lock down.

The Chinese Communist Party continues to persecute Christians, family detonations continue unabated, and the former great Britain no longer knows what attempted murder is.

All this and Leviathan, the bird whisperer, a viscous political forecast, Patrick Henry, and why locking our neighbors in their houses for fear of dying was the wrong thing to do, (so please stop it).



Forty Days

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as we all approach the “Forty-Days” point together.

We join Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s WWII movie in progress, the USDA in progress to a socialist America, and New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy in progress to tyranny.

Hear from an Arizona Sheriff warning of the Coronavirus Crime Wave, (we even cover the crime wave itself with it’s carjackings and arsons, and even criminal orders against gathering peaceably to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Socialists in Washington made unemployment pay better than work for some, (and for four months), while business owners who can’t now compete with unemployment face the real possibility of being sued in the wake of the litigation rich environment being created by the tyrants holding elected office.

You’ll get the opinion of Scott W. Atlas, MD on ending the lock downs and why.

In New York the governor and his “experts” who care so much about human life, they not only kept the abortion mills open during the pandemic, they also sentenced the elderly to die in COVID-19 positive nursing homes, while denying resuscitation to those who suffer heart attacks, (and the Governor is promising to do it again).

Government Public Service Announcements are asking anyone who went to the store if they “accidentally killed someone today”, and we asked the government about the (unborn) people they kill on purpose every day.

Skaters and dirt bike riders united to throw off tyranny in San Clemente!

In other news Canada’s worst mass shooting took place amidst the pandemic news black-out, Islamist  killers massacred over 50 people in Mozambique, and a Texas man committed suicide by cop, ambushing and murdering at least one officer in San Marcos TX.

All this along with filthy rags and dirty gloves as a coping mechanism, and why allowing the store to be open during the lock down means we never had to lock down after all.




Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as she makes waves, with waves from afar as her host describes waves of fear and lies over-topping the amber waves of grain.

As the world is being conditioned by the Ruling Left to accept less and less as the new normal, the marriage rates in the formerly great Britain are at at their lowest levels in recorded history.

However Leftists across the nation took time out from stoking the Coronavirus panic to celebrate Land O’ Lakes ascent from their obvious and virulent racism and cultural appropriation: the removal of the pretty Indian maiden from their logo.

Explore with us the possibility that one of the main drivers of the panic and lock down may one day be revealed as former CIA director John Brennan’s criminal behavior, and it’s embarrassing, (perhaps even actionable) nature.

Get a fat dose of hypocrisy from Ted Cruz, an actual murder, (as opposed to leaving your house during “quarantine”) at the hands of the State of Florida, and more and more murder at the hands of Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Join Alex Berenson and us as we examine together the possibility that those who drove the Coronavirus panic can’t afford to let the lock down end, because then all eyes will be on them…

We’ll tell you about more Coronavirus hysteria from Obama’s Labor Secretary Seth Harris, the breadth of the stench of fear revealed in new Pew Research & Gallup polls, and the inflated body counts in New York and elsewhere keeping that stink fresh in our noses.

Discover why the tyrannical leftists who hijacked the education of our children are terrified, (and slanderous) over what free citizens and their children might think & do while home-schooling!

This week you get all that, plus James Carville’s presumptive positive test, shopping with ANTIFA, the end of the Drudge Report, those filthy canvas shopping bags, how the economic collapse we all volunteered to execute upon ourselves might at least threaten the Chinese Communist Party with collapse, and how a preacher ridiculed by the New York Post and FoxNews for saying God is bigger than the virus is getting the last laugh.