Antidepressants & the Cuture of Murder & Madness

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From A New Jersey court ruling restricting a man’s rights to be involved in the birth of his (albeit illegitimate) child, to the fact that the Palestinians are just shucking and jiving through Barry & Kerry’s “peace talks” to get their most accomplished terrorists out of Israeli jails, to the pro-family industries latest achievement: deceiving people (and politicians) into believing that even though they’re OK with killing some innocent children, that they’re actually pro-life….

Then there’s the politician who tells parents to get their kids out of the government schools, the Disney Company’s latest queering against the Boy Scouts, (and the no nonsense response from the leadership at Trail Life), and some California think tanks piled high with homos themselves issuing reports that tell us trannies are a great idea in the foxhole!

Anti-depressant drugs may be linked to the increase in autistic kids, Moses & Walt Brown appear to have been RIGHT when they described the “fountains of the great deep” in the Bible, (and in the text book “In the Beginning” respectively), the American federal government is giving 70% of the money they steal to welfare recipients, and in the shadow of the Sandy Hook school massacre, a father says he wished his son was never born

We tell the tale of “love” Hollywood style, (involving a couple of homos, murder & dismemberment, a convicted murderer receiving a half million dollar judgment against the cops & officials who took the mad dog killer off the streets, and murder in back of the High School in Texas.

In Colorado the BIG LIE of legalized dope’s tax benefits are exposed, the fact that you can’t hardly walk into a Colorado barber shop without smelling pot is lamented, and the justice system continues to struggle with what to do with the Aurora Theater Killer… leading us to conclude that they must be stoned as well.

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The Abolitionists versus the Fascists

The Weekly Worldview’s extremely attractive audio engineer is joined in studio by host Doug McBurney to wrap thoughtful and often hilarious conservative talk around some of the best bumper music in all talk radio!

Hear how Breatharianism might make you laugh, but is ultimately no joke, how the fascist Iranians are smuggling missiles to fascist fanatic Islamist terrorists in Gaza, how fascist Kim DUNG Un of North Korea is persecuting the church, and how a random act in a mindless system allowed Barry Ho’s Department of Homeland Security to grant the refugee German home schooling Romeike family a temporary reprieve!

Find out the difference between saying you’re “pro-life” and being an Abolitionist.

Learn why even crazy people are asking what’s up with all that dinosaur soft tissue?

Discover why Michele Bachmann is not qualified to run a rubber stamp a the local public library, how the organizers of CPAC have drifted into intellectual fascism against those of us who believe all innocent people have a right to life, and why Ted Cruz isn’t qualified to laminate licenses at your local DMV.

Fascist Islamists in Syria have put Christians under the extortion of the the Dhimma, Neo Nazi’s are occupying high office in the “revolutionary” government of Ukraine, (and Hillary Clinton’s so stupid, she thinks Vladimir Putin is the fascist for asserting authority over Crimea)!

And while the world teeters on the brink of conflagration, the American Military is welcoming drag queens into the NCO club while American judges can’t figure out how to prosecute a pervert on the train!

And in one final act of utter confusion we don’t know how to classify; California governor Jerry Brown says that maybe legalizing dope is not the best idea…. at least not too much of it…. or maybe it’s not so bad, but not good either… or maybe we should pay attention, or be alert, or be more alert, or something… um… like that man…

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Life, the Universe & Everything

This week your host and his extremely attractive audio engineer bring conservative talk to a new level of scholarly significance with their definition of life…

Life: An active & influential state of being expressed continually by the eternal Godhead, and imparted by Him to other beings and organisms in the universe at Creation.

And then there’s the news: Turns out Girls aren’t lining up for those combat jobs quite as fast has the feminist wanted, fatal car wrecks involving marijuana are up 300%, a new fleet of drone ships threatens the parasites in the executive offices of labor unions everywhere, and Jane Fonda is crying about her own mortality, (along with your host and any other sane person out there over 40).

Iran is getting closer to the bomb, Moslem terrorists stuck with swords in China, Egyptian citizens are using the chaos of the Moslem Spring to get even with their personal enemies, neo-nazis congregated, agitated, and made war in Ukraine, and the Barry & Kerry show are stumbling around the idea of a shooting war with the Russians, while simultaneously carrying out the more important national business of promoting sodomy around the word…

Washington DC is extending insurance and Medicaid coverage for transgender surgical mutilation while Institutions are accepting and reviewing scholarly papers written in jibberish by an app!

And in Mississippi nearly 75% of all babies murdered in abortion clinics are black, a newborn was thrown in the trash in Houston, and the spiritual spawn of Adolph Hitler & Margeret Sanger; Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards says that the answer to when life begins just isn’t relevant

It’s all here in the audio podcast below; the good, the bad, and the truth about everything you’ve been hearing…