Death and Dishonor

Tune in as America’s most attractive audio engineer helps her host cope with a world that is not as it should be, in a time not at all as it was meant to be.

We’ll take you to Ohio where the domestic tranquility entrusted to our political and religious leaders was shattered once again with a home invasion, then to New Zealand for a respite from the madness amongst the rabbits and sheep.

We solemnly report on the murder of Charlie Gard, and the collective yawn of a civilization quite comfortable with child killing…

On to West Oakland where hip hopper Zion I was robbed at gunpoint, where the sperm count of Western Civilization continues to circle the drain, and where one might catch a glimpse of America’s proudly gender neutral aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford.

And while leaders of the Pro-Life and Pro-Family Industries like Tony Perkins and Marjorie Dannenfelser appear to be good for nothing other than pumping out keywords associated with their upcoming fund raising campaigns, it falls to the likes of Hollywood actor James Woods to at least attempt to clearly stake out a moral position regarding right and wrong.

And while China’s client in North Korea prepares to revisit the abdication of our grandparents upon us, whether by missile strike or World War III, Apple shamefully chooses Chinese revenue over Chinese freedom.

But in America the talk is of gender rather than sex, (and transgender on top of all that), and  even simple justice, and what should be done with a child rapist escapes us.

All this and a lesson from Genesis via the killing of livestock at the the compound streaming at the podcast below:



Cracking Up is Hard To Do

America’s most attractive audio engineer invites you to experience the world in the distinctively different light of her host!

We check in on Chipotle with the Norovirus and the rats and the falling stock price, (and even we’re starting to feel sorry for them).

Then it’s on to the Temple Mount where Zechariah’s book is as relevant as the day he wrote it!

We travel to Louisville Colorado for a taste of some old fashioned news about the kinds of things that might be “terrifying” us in a more sane world, and then over to Brooklyn to hear about what is terrifying us!

We look in on the Northwestern climbs of America where”defelonization” is the latest  insanity from the pile of godless lawyers running the place, and out to California where Chester Bennington never thought he had a chance

And so in the nations capital suicide is the order of the day, while inGermany’s capital it’s sodomy.

We walk the halls of Donald Trump’s Justice Department, where dismembering foul for sale trumps Planned Parenhood’s chopping up of baby boys and girls in order to sell their body parts.

Meanwhile, at school we discover reason number 1034 to keep (or get) your kids out: the public school district and the courts may just collude to transform your little boy into their little girl.

Then there are the break ups of the modern “hook up” culture and the industry sprouting from the bad fruit thereof.

And of course we’ve got earthquakes in Yosemite, juxtaposed against a backdrop of murder; with enough celebrity, entertainment and and dark fame to make us all tremble.

All this and the fate of one or more roosters are discussed at the link to the podcast below…



Bad to Worse

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host bring you the simple, clear exposition of just what’s wrong and how to fix it!

Come with us to Venezuela where the fruits of godless socialism are being revealed by starvation. And then over to Australia (via Vatican City) where yet another high church official stands accused of raping young boys

But in Panama City Beach strangers joined together, arm in arm in an heroic effort to save the lives of people they didn’t even know.

Meanwhile in Middle School the kid’s are not alright, (in fact they’re killing themselves in alarming numbers). And in Baltimore the bloodbath is so deep the civilians are crying out for a ceasefire!

In France the socialist, homosexualist prime minister Emmanuel Macron is calling for black people to stop breeding. In England cancer is now more prevalent than marriage or child bearing, and the global call for peoples of all tongues and nations to choke off our posterity is again being dressed up in green to “fight climate change”…

And while the cartoon caricatures of American Evangelicalism have laid hands upon Donald Trump, exorcisms are on the rise, and might be recommended by Catholics and evangelicals alike!

And no wonder all this worry about demons! Tranny Bruce Jenner and degenerate Kid Rock might just end up ruling the country!

Find out what’s going on, and just what you can to to make it better at the podcast below.