Christian Love

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as she wraps the observations of her indignant host with musical fig leaves incapable of concealing the insanity of it all…

We look at the bright side of the news reflected in new medical research that could lead to near miraculous cures for disease… that is, if our societal dis-ease doesn’t prevent it.

For the Islamists are at war with the secularists over the “burkini” and both sides are wrong. Strongman Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines is killing dope dealers who are turning than nation into a narco-state… and both sides are wrong. And rich, white liberals are legalizing dope, and the underclass is consuming them… and both sides are wrong.

Pro-Life Industry hacks expect to shock the world by publicizing the breaking of well established rules for murdering innocent people and selling their body parts, but they fail to acknowledge that their denying  the Personhood of the youngest and most vulnerable undermines their effort.

Another mother in Chicago was shot in the head while walking down the street in Chicago, where the detectives are fleeing, and the catch and release policy for violent felons increases the caseloads of those who remain.

Meanwhile the Department of Justice spends their time instructing the police on how to interact with trannies

The liberal activist governor of Virginia, one time Clinton shill Terry McAuliffe has proven the cowardice of so called conservative RE-publican governors by defying a court order to enforce his corrupted will, while they tell us they can do nothing to defy the madmen in black robes who issue opinions in favor of killing innocent people & violating God’s institution of marriage.

And so the president can pay a ransom and then some, and lie about how he did it, FBI files regarding the suicide of Vince Foster can be secreted away from the National Archives, and Moslem activist Huma Abedin can intern for a First Lady, and work her way up to the very real possibility of serious influence of the highest levers of power in the land!

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Genesis of Genocide

Tune in and hear America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they explain the danger of giving suicidal idiot children audience, grants, tenure and even real power…

Hear fantasies of a habitable Venus from 2 billion fantastical years ago, Ivy league insanity over the term “man”, a serial arsonist vs global climate changers, and Al Gore vs rainfall…

And the gender fluid, occupy, climate changing idiots continue to molest the intellect of every American present and future!

Special needs rape makes reason number 1054 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools, and even the most heinous of murders cannot stop the wall to wall coverage of Clinton/Trump/Clinton/Trump/Polls/Trump Clinton news coverage.

Walmart is apparently overrun with criminal behavior, homeless schizos are flocking to Denver to smoke pot, (which the Barry HO administration is still classifying as dangerous until they can fund the study to prove that dope is actually medicine), Even in light of the evidence that smoking dope can make you go crazy, and even murder people.

Hear how CNN and the rest of the left interpret wealth and freedom in light of their  suspicion & envy

And as it should be, we have a footnote on Hillary, but only as it relates to her problem with… email criminal activity, and her pal George Soros and his spawn of Satan son Alex Soros who rubs elbows with just about everyone involved in engineering what we are referring to in the title of today’s podcast.




Tune is as America’s most attractive audio engineer adds her personal touch to an examination of the rise of the age of assassins, both cultural & literal.

Hear how the Marines are being forced to recruit girls from high school wrestling programs to satisfy the lusts of the feminists, the homosexualists and the other assorted suicidal idiot children in the Barry HO administration, why the perverts running your kid’s government school are obsessed with trannies, and why the Moslems asking for the legalization of polygamy find their post christian European hosts foist on their own petard.

Listen in as we cover the coming “historic reversal” of geezers on welfare vs youth, right alongside the (latest) record drop in American pro-creation.

Hear about the latest DNC associates found DEAD in Hillary’s presidential wake, and hear from Kathy Shelton, the rape victim who at age 12 became one of Hillary’s youngest victims.

Adding to the sense of lawlessness engulfing the country is assassin John Hinckley, Jr. voting in November, nearly one hundred were shot in Chicago in under a week. And Black Lies Matter is rampaging on behalf of another gangsta, put down by the fine officers in Milwaukee, (after summarily abandoning their latest effort at a lying narrative) while another cop is assassinated in Georgia, (and an Imam is gunned down outside his New York City Mosque).

The naked treason of our highest officials is on display as Barry’s ransom of $400M was followed up by swift (yet mysterious) delivery of the other $1.3Bn to our sworn enemies in Iran while fellow traitor Ed Snowden snowed the University of Colorado for a fifty thousand dollar speaking fee, and Hillary Clinton’s State Department was caught red-handed taking orders from George Soros!

But the Kurds appear to finally have a stranglehold on ISIS supply lines, despite the best efforts of the Islamic State’s earliest known supporters.

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