No Joke

America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host take down the pop culture and pump up genuine culture.

Hear how technology is amplifying the problem of legalized pornography, how suicide appears to be the leading cause of death on the USS George H.W. Bush, and how vagrants in California may be poisoning the water supply!

In Sacramento your McDonald’s burger may come with fries, flies, derelicts and a wailing siren.

Planned Parenthood is writing sex ed curricula in Austin Texas, and has a “secret weapon” out in Hollywood.

Listen in to the dual horrors of an attempted murder suicide against a 6 year old girl, and an “accidental” abortion.

You’ll witness parents and teachers whom neither know how to train up a child, a Renaissance masterpiece (featuring Jesus and no comic book characters) discovered over a hotplate in France, and a study proving that a gluten free diet may be the most effective placebo ever!

We’ll look into the prison sentences and one death sentence handed down by the murderous mullahs in Iran against brave spies for America, China’s 70th anniversary celebration of the day that criminal regime took a billion people hostage. (and we’ll read Donald Trumps shameful, stupid congratulatory tweet to the aforementioned thieves and killers).

Hear the many reasons to avoid The Joker. Find out what costs more: food clothing & health care, or funding the big tyrannical government. And explore the unattractive truth about Portland, Oregon.

All that and Bernie’s black heart gets shiny new stents, impeachment, and what Adam Schiff’s speaking a phony sound bite into the congressional record has proven about himself, the media, and us! All at the podcast below:



Greta van Scared

America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host are scared too, but not that scared…

That’s right. Listen in to discover what we think about the possible loss of 3 billion birds in North America as opposed to what we know about child abuser Megan Fox and her abusive husband Brian.

Hear all about the middle school sex survey designed to poison the minds of innocent children, and how it has some, (yes only some) parent outraged!

Famous democrat, queer, murderer, and dog lover Ed Buck has finally been arrested for killing other homos. And with a governor like Gavin Newsom in office he’ll likely be back out raping and killing (along with others) in West Hollywood before the hypodermic needle is dry.

Find out why “food insecurity” should be the driving force behind family and economy, and not a cash cow for thieves in charity and government.

We’ll discuss the Chinese attempt to replace the Ten Commandments with not so ancient Chinese wisdom

Take off with us on an airplane that was neither serviced by a Moslem, nor boarded by any Moslems, but instead was full of Christians desperate to stop drunkenness & fornication.

We’ll check in with Greta Thunberg and the other victims of climate abuse, and rebuke their parents, social, religious and cultural leaders for scaring them so badly that they might just hurt themselves or someone else.

All that and a report on EVIL: featuring the New England Patriots, Greta van Fleet, and finally! The war we’ve always needed to win, againt Iran!