Coup d’état

Tune in and listen as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host help us understand who to coup, and who not to too.

We begin with El Chapo heading (temporarily) to SuperMax in Colorado, machine gun toting combat vets headed for the schools, and country music artist Kyle Yorlets headed to the top of the charts until teenaged repeat offenders in Nashville ended his trip to number one, with a bullet.

Find out why the latest family detonation, (a mass murder of 4 by the suicidal husband) in Blanchard Texas couldn’t knock the Steele Dossier out of news, how hot a place in Hell is being prepared for murderers like Anthony Hobson and Andrew Cuomo, and how the decriminalization of adultery is getting a lot of people killed!

Listen to the journey of Walt, an ex-tranny who came back from insanity to try to help others escape.

And we’ll also tell you about Delegate Eric Porterfield in West Virginia, and Bronx City Councilman Ruben Diaz, Sr. who have not only refused to take the mark of the LGBTQ Beast, they expose their mafioso control tactics, and liken them to the Ku Klux Klan! Well said!

Please join us in a moment of silence as we choke back from the brink of physical illness at the disgraceful airport molestation of genuine American hero Brian Kolfage, who’s jock strap the TSA agent is unfit to carry, let alone grope!

We’ll look in on how to properly handle a convicted pedophile, how the amazing olfactory capacity God gave dogs can sniff out cancer, and how the old adage the “marijuana never hurt anyone” doesn’t even apply to dogs.

All that and the Green New Deal “conversation“, another massacre in Chicago, Emergency declarations from God and Man, confessions from the Trump Opera, the coming invasion of Venezuela, and a pool on how long it takes Jussie Smollett to gin up a fake “suicide” attempt.





The Big Let Down

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer scales the heights of soaring rhetoric and plumbs the depths of cold reality with her host!

You’ll hear Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax explain to women what he understood the Democrat policy to be regarding forcible rape, Damon Wayans Jr. take the Mark of the Beast, and Nancy Pelosi quote her very own version of the Satanic Bible!

You’ll also experience the feigned outrage of RE-publicans over the rules they wrote on how to chop up and disseminate the body parts of innocent children, and how in some cases they suspect that the Democrats, and Planned Parenthood are not following those rules, and how we need more rules if we’re to be a civilized about it, and outline precisely when and where innocent children can be murdered, or butchered, or possibly sold off to be fused with animals by researchers.

We’ll have a laugh at the expense of the “Suffragettes” at the State of the Union, and levy a serious warning to Donald Trump about taking the the name of God (in vain) to lend credibility to his position of the life of “every” child.

We’ll ask why it would be that the city of Cary North Carolina would find itself oppressing Chinese dissident voices against Xi Jinping. And tell how reading Ayn Rand can leave youngsters with above average intelligence with the mistaken impression that they’re geniuses.

We’ll also assess the RE-publican dominated Supreme Court in light of John Robert’s outright liberalism, and Brett Kavanaugh’s odd obsession with “process” over “justice”, (both of whom join all of the others on the court in rejecting the right to life of innocent helpless children in the womb).

We officially make the call for someone to go by Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s house just to make sure she’s OK.

And we’ll introduce you to the latest scientific thinker to make the most outrageous statement with the straightest face, (this time about aliens), making him the latest superstar on the atheist, evolutionist media circuit.

And you’ll learn about police pursuit policies, United Methodists, unionized, communist, teachers gone on strike, and the diabolical strategy behind the “Green New Deal”.

All at the podcast below:



A Failure of Confidence

America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host psychoanalyze the generations that brought us legal murder & endless wars, and make some suggestions for ending both.

Tune in to find out how it came to be that the Commander in Chief needs the permission of federal judges & the Supreme Court to keep trannies out of the military.

We’ll update you on the progress the Pro-Life industry is making toward the complete bamboozlement of  evangelicals.

Find out why every time you hear an identity theft protection commercial you should think “my government has failed“, and why “Puffer Week” in Denver should tell you the same!

We’ll tell you about the latest Islamist bombings, threatened killings, and despite all that, Islamist voting!

And speaking of Islamists, find out why Israel is bombing the original Islamic State, and how former Pentagon officials are colluding with the Russians about it!

Find out about axe-wielding trannies, schizo pot-head knife murders, and the latest “missing link”.

All this plus the “Black Hebrew Israelites”, clues about who “Native American Indian” Nathan Phillips is, and whether Ruth Bader Ginsburg is dead or alive… all at the Podcast below:


Nathan Bader Phillips

Nathan “Bader” Phillips???