Pressure on the Callous of Our Souls

Sure, you’ve heard it all and seen it too. It’s all been done, it’s all been said, it’s all so boring and contrived… But then a glimpse of something up ahead, something illuminating, something you’ve never heard about or seen before. And it’s headed right this way…

Join us as your host and his extremely attractive audio engineer pull back the curtain on the news of the day to bring you conservative talk through the lens of original thought.

This week we cover the joy of the baby boom in the Bakken, the horror of a peace rally interrupted by murder, the politics of a Pope in decline, and the cruelty of an empire bent on suicide.

Hear how Ebola slipped past the NIH, how Monica Lewinsky got her heart broken, how Hillary clipped a college for a quarter mil, and how the once vaunted Wellesley College has devolved into a sniping pile of self absorbed transvestites.

There’s Lena Dunham crying “rape”, but deaf to the call of police in the investigation, the stabbing of a high school kid while all the other kids watched, the rape of a 100 year old woman, and murder by a 10 year old boy.

The Bowe Bergdahl desertion investigation is complete, but don’t look for it ’till Judgment Day. The Dutch have replaced bravery with bikers. The Danes are offering rehabilitation and their necks to Jihadis coming home from the Caliphate.

The American Secretary of State blames ISIS on the Jews and Neil Young defects to the Islamists due to climate change.

You wouldn’t believe half this stuff if we made it up and put it in a horror comic, but it’s all to real. And it’s all right here at the podcast below…



Truth & Opinion in a World of Lies & Talking Points

Your host joins America’s most attractive audio engineer to tell the world of the poetic bookends of pop culture insanity represented by Pink Floyd’s Syd Barret & Stephen Hawking…

Then there’s the Taliban who accidentally tweeted his Pakistani location, the lawyers who shuck and jive conservatives about funding abortions, two women’s colleges going tranny, and Senator Ted Cruz coming out in support of gay marriage, proving once and for all that there are no conservatives left in the RE-publican party.

Speaking of RE-publicans, Mike Huckabee is threatening to leave if the GOP goes G-A-Y, while the British parliament is preparing the realm to transition smoothly from rampant closeted homosexuality to the straightforward public acclamation of perversion that is legalized homosexual marriage.

We discuss the implications of Gender Inclusive Schools, (and we don’t mean co-ed), The National Right to Life Committee’s latest endorsement of most abortions, as long as they’re early, clean & tidy.

On the war front we report on a female Arab fighter pilot’s fictitious flight, leading a fictitious air stike against the all too real Islamic State, Leon Panetta’s boring book tour, Joe Biden stumbling over the truth, the devastating loss of Kobani to ISIS that the world is witnessing, the march of Boko Haram over Christian corpses in Nigeria & an Imam who blew himself and his mother to somewhere other than High Heaven

It’s all the conservative talk you could ever hope for, from one of the last remaining twelve conservatives in the nation. So don’t miss the Podcast below!




Self Absorbed Narcissists with Lawyers…

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as she gets loud and funky with all the news you heard about, but maybe weren’t sure what to think.

There’s the Philadelphia judge who was stung in an operation that, if expanded would likely lead to the wholesale incarceration of an entire branch of the American government, the Humanist school superintendent shocked that the underage students he’s indoctrinated are out clubbing, and the punk who punched an octogenarian for asking him to stop cursing.

Hear about the two white lesbians suing because they got a black baby, another baby who is the first born of a transplanted womb, Prime minister Stephan and the new feminist government in Sweden, and the Boston bombers sister’s very domestic bomb threat.

Assisted suicide, (formerly known as murder) is “out of control” in the Netherlands and a University of Washington professor insists he’s no better than a bacteria.

October is “Millstone Month” in the American public schools, (also known as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered history month), and your kids will be taught to respect Margaret Cho, Freddy Mercury & mad dog killer CeCe McDonald.

A pedophile received the death penalty in England despite the best efforts of their justice system to avoid it, while in America Homosexual men were outed at the CDC as 2% of the population, but 60% of new HIV infections.

In Nineveh province it’s official; all the churches are empty and the Christians have been chased out by ISIS maniacs, (some of whom bear western passports). The Allied response? ISIS maniac’s from Europe must have their tweets approved by police…

And a City University professor in New York says we should have seen the rise of Islamist fanatics coming, as it was so obviously driven by the specter of climate change, (but despite this Barry and his minions insist they were all totally surprised).

Grab the po9dcast and enjoy a review of the news from a fresh perspective that might just make you think!