Culture of Death

Join America’s conservative talk leader and his extremely attractive audio engineer as she wraps all the news fit to bump around in an hour with the power to really change the world!

We’ve got lesbians who say they were humiliated when mistaken for men, (even as they mistake themselves for men), Federal officials hooking up with queers (and Columbia) , the President getting big applause at the SOTU for his shout outs to the homos, and the IRS awarding a contract to the outfit that built!

The RE-publicans and the pro-life industry had an embarrassing fall out on capital hill this past week when they couldn’t agree on which innocent people they would consent to murder.

The Pope told Catholics not to breed like rabbits, while Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the NAACP said “black lives matter” while participating in the murder of innocent black people, the Dutch are assisting in the suicide of tinnitus sufferers, and “assisted suicide” has a new (albeit dead) spokesgirl, (Brittney Maynard, the one who practically killed herself on CNN).

The Shiah Houthis have taken the Sunnis in Yemen (and John McCain wants to arm one side or the other), a Philistine stabbed 9 Jews on a bus, Israel dropped a bomb on an Iranian general and some of his friends in Hezbollah, another Al Qaeda terrorist was released back into the wild, and ISIS beheaded a Japanese citizen to the collective weeping and candle lighting of both Japan and The West.

Tom Brady ain’t ISIS, but he and his team should be kicked out of the Superbowl for cheating. Marky Mark Wahlberg should have been executed for his crimes and should not be asking for a pardon, and finally, the shocking news that violence broke out at an “anti-violence” Hip Hop concert, was noted with all due shock…

Grab the podcast and get more conservative talk in one hour than the others can produce in a whole week!


Gimmie that Old Time Religion

Take an enlightening and entertaining romp through the headlines of the week (and festive bumper music) with Doug McBurney and America’s extremely attractive audio engineer!

Find out about the pizza driver who gave a robber a lesson in the inviolable physical laws of God’s universe, the the dedication and love of a father for his son, (even when love was a difficult choice), and a poor young mother in New Jersey who did what abortionists do every day; she burned he baby to death, (but she did it in the road).

Hear the dark advice of the anti personhood lawyers who brought us legal abortion to Bubba Bill Jeff Clinton, suggesting how he might “eliminate… …the poor,” how George Soros funds the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” narrative, the 3400 troops Barry has sacrificially deployed to train future Islamic terrorists, and the Islamist’s “hit list” posted to sew fear in the hearts of American veterans.

Find out why the unity pagan weep-fest in Paris was not “judenfrei”, why the Pope seems to be saying “Je Suis Mohhamed“, and how Nancy Pelosi is propelling a Moslem even deeper into America’s Intelligence community.

Mitt Romney apparently plans to run a presidential campaign free of conservative thought, but rife with ideas inspired by Bernie Sanders and pagan fairy tales; while reason #869 to get your kids out of the government schools involves a “pleasure activist” from Planned Parenthood teaching in the classroom!

A judge in NY was ready to give a plea deal to the thug who killed Ariel Russo, while Child Protective Services has been enlisted in Maryland to properly supervise parents who let their children walk down the street like civilized people.

The Creation Evolution debate has again spilled into the world of sport, a Baptist church in Virginia has apparently found their Bible, The Dalai Lama says he’s a Marxist, the “boy who went to heaven” has recanted, and Franklin Graham was kind enough to sum up what we call Good Religion!

It’s all included, in brilliant audio perfection at the podcast below. Give it a download and go into this week knowing so much more than the average moron!


Among the Living

Hold on to your hats as one of America’s last living conservative talk hosts is joined by his extremely attractive audio engineer for a season finale of incomparable humor and a touch of wit and wisdom!
We bring you evolutionists claiming with a straight face “there was no first human“, Home school parents in conflict with the cops, Michael Sam queers the NFL, (and your host trashes the Denver Broncos), bad religion at Stanford, and the death of compassion in Ireland.
The pro-family “industry” continues to promote the killing of innocent people, (but only under circumstances they approve), the lifeless RE-publican party is gearing up to bamboozle the Christians in 2016, and Barry HO is not only promoting hatred and distrust of police, but has normalized relations with Fidel Castro’s Cuba while he’s harboring cop killers!
ISIS is turning Christian churches into torture chambers, Boko Haram is strapping bombs to teenage girls, Barry’s releasing more terrorists from Gitmo, and the media is calling on Americans to do their “patriotic duty”… Not to volunteer to go fight the satanic forces of evil, but to go see the latest adolescent crotch comedy vomited out by the perverts at Sony…
The American economy proved too tough for even Obama to kill, at least not this year… and despite his best efforts we the people soldier on, just thankful that the price of gas and vodka are under control, at least for now.