What to Believe…

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer guides her host like a drone swarm against the lies and deceptions sold as the truth to a generation of children wondering what they should believe.

Find out how suicide is now just another option for dealing with life’s problems, how British leftists think having more kids hurts the economy, why the Personhood Movement is something to be feared, (by the enemies of all that is right and good), and why the human being was not designed to treat sex like an amusement park ride!

Hear about the reality of that drone swarm we mentioned, why regulating murder is killing the pro-life movement, how American “faith leaders” blessed the murder and dismemberment of innocent people by Planned Parenthood in the nation’s capital, and why attempted arson is now deemed “political speech” if it is against Jews in Germany.

Dylan Roof joined Charles Manson on Death Row this past week, the Ft. Lauderdale Airport killer turned out to be a Moslem terrorist after all, and Berkeley didn’t even get through the first week of 2017 without a deranged homosexual murdering an innocent girl and stabbing another.

Find out why the upbringing of Millennials has left them wondering what to believe, why the FBI arrested a VW employee for outsmarting their bureaucratic brethren at the EPA, what “Bikers for Trump” really means for the future of the country….

And finally, how it is now illegal to behave like a civilized person on a freezing  Michigan morning!

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You’re Going to Get It.

Listen in to the inaugural 2017 Podcast as America’s most attractive audio engineer helps her host lift the veil on a new year, revealing what’s in store and what’s simply ridiculous.

We’ll check in on the poster boy for the American Just-A-System Charles Manson and the Death Penalty he’s about to get, (regardless of the opinion of the court).

We’ll follow three girls who instead of embarking on the boring, old fashioned path of marriage, pro-creation, instead are entertaining the likes of Pat Schroeder with their adventure into a Marine Corps Infantry battalion.

Find out why the American military has not executed a murderer in over fifty years despite having a number of qualified candidates, why we agree with the president of the Philippines on re-establishing the death penalty, and how the fountain head of Western Jurisprudence can no longer even protect the subjects of the crown from the creep in the park!

We’ve got convicted murderers receiving mutilation they call sex change operations, emotional support animals on every airplane in the country, a homo on CNN who can’t bring himself to recognize evil, and an emotionally needy lame duck president giving HIMSELF a medal!

We make the points that Barry HO is the original millennial, that George Washington would expect his namesake university to require American History to be a part of the History Program, and that Jerry Falwell Jr, & Franklin Graham are OK with Donald Trump going to Hell as long as his condemnation ensures them a few years reprieve from the reckoning they so richly deserve.

We’ll tell you about the perverts running the government schools and their human sexuality class for 9 year olds, gender identity training in middle school, a Harvard professor’s living example of Isaiah 5:20, and how a coop full of chickens is likely smarter than them all!

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Drugs, Guns, Hacks & Worse at Center Court

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and she and her host survey the decline and fall of Western Civilization though the hopeful eyes of a child.

This week you’ll hear how domestic tranquility was lost by one family on the wrong side of a gun, how the Jihadis and the socialists work hand in hand to destroy England, and how what’s left of the Christian church in Germany can barely figure out how to facilitate the conversion of a Moslem.

Gloria Steinem surprised the Worldview staff be just rearing her ugly head again, this time vomiting out her fear that Planned Parenthood advocate, long time donor (and quite possibly the presidency’s most frequent customer) Donald Trump will end legal child killing in America.

A couple of mentally ill homos were “engaged” in front of the children of Chicago with the help of the Chicago Bulls mascot at Center Court.

The Washington New York Axis (RE-publicans & Democrats) are both trying to get us to buy into the idea that it was Vladimir Putin’s hacking, and not their vacuous vapidity that allowed Donald Trump to crush them like insignificant bugs in the most embarrassing political collapse since the vandals sacked Rome.

And the strong Delusion continues as calls to decriminalize heroin get even louder now that heroin is killing more people than are bad guys with guns…

And America’s Just-a-System ground on like a gearbox lacking oil this week as murderers laughed, accused killers snapped selfies, robbers struck in broad daylight, and teenagers set the Smoky Mountains on fire, with no fear of serious punishment.

Quick thinking, resourceful doctors saved the life of a person at U.C. Davis by performing a “first of it’s kind” surgery, (first of it’s kind because the person they saved was in utero at the time)! We demand Personhood for all!

We find out that not only was the Oakland Ghost Ship a fire trap, but a death trap for the souls of the countless deviants, perverts & trannies who visited there, got high there, had sex there, and were burned to death there.

Chip & Joanna Gaines of “Fixer Upper” fame answered their contrived critics by going to church where the preacher is a normal, decent person, who knows that marriage is defined by God, and that homosexuality is a sin.

And finally, it appears Barry HO is offering a couple parting shots to the incoming Trump administration with his surrender of the U.S. Army to the Indians, (The Army Corps of Engineers anyway), and a hike in interest rates that could seriously threaten the Trump economic boom that is already happening.

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