Summer of Blood

What would America’s most attractive audio engineer do if her host ever returned? Listen in to discover exactly that and more! Lots more, (more than you bargained for).

Leave aside our hopes for self driving cars and self farming tractors for the moment as we elucidate the bald faced lies interspersed amongst the facts of the Mars Curiosity Rover’s discovery of organic materials, an American Attorney General quoting the Bible, and Donald Trump’s taking of the Mark alongside Justin Trudeau, Christine Legarde & Angela Merkel!

And welcome to the brave new world, where liberals apologize for the “sin” of eating Chick-Fil-A, the communist Chinese discover they were lied to about their population by those same American liberals, and legal abortion in Ireland was made even more legal with the encouragement of their homosexual prime minister.

It’s a world that has not hated blood, (nor even petty crime) and is therefore pursued by blood at every turn, with every affair, with every accusation of adultery, with every act of adultery with every assertion that girls can do anything boys can do, with every petty burglary by teenaged boys, with every shoplifting incident, and every fit of road rage.

It’a world beset by family detonations and mom’s suicide. By trannies out on ledges and molesters in the scouts!

And it’s a world where we see that if you refuse to bow like your leaders do, whether at the “pride” parade where the deviants demand you at least celebrate, if not participate in their perversion, you’ll lose your license. maybe your job, and maybe someday your life!

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Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as she hand her host lead their weekly tour of realities, alternate and otherwise!

Domestic tranquility took a leap to it’s death, National Review went tranny, and the Austin Bomber went queer atheist.

America’s Birth rate bottomed out, while the children raised in the alternate reality plotted murder.

A teacher wasn’t suspended even while on trial for attempted murder, and murder became the political currency of the day at schools in Texas and Georgia.

Meanwhile your host endorsed Arne Duncan’s misguided but appropriate boycott, while condemning Betsy Devoss’s assertion that she and her educrats can help stop the school massacres before they start cashing retirement checks.

We got warnings this week about the current atmosphere of lies from two men, Rex Tillerson and Michael Bloomberg, who made handsome livings telling them.

Donald Trump continued to fund child killing even as the press accuses him of stopping, while Disney may be the first to lap up one of the Hollywood creeps vomited out by #metoo.

And the American Embassy is in Jerusalem, Donald Trump is going to Hell, John Hagee is pathetic, and Hamas is… Hamas.

Popcorn is a threat to public health.

And no time travelers showed up at Stephen Hawking’s funeral.

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Criminal Cultural Status

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer joins her host in exposing the criminal, lamenting the cultural, and declaring the status of both!

We start in Israel, where British reporters “question the use of the Bible as a historical reference because most events mentioned in the text lack historical evidence,” while actually reporting historical evidence for the Bible!

Hear how Rock icons U-2 are just that, and not Christian, how Donald Trump and Mike Pence punted the defunding of Planned Parenthood to the states, how public school lockdowns are a part of daily life where nearly 70% of government school students can’t read, or write or do math!

We’ll tell you why the fear of God must be felt in court, that the defiled “leather” district in San Francisco has become a “cultural” district, and how criminals might just be able to edit their DNA to evade justice!

We’ll share the sad tale of what used to be the Boy Scouts, why an abusive pair of lesbians does not qualify as “normal”, and exactly what parents can expect from the molesters and abusers inflicting the government school complex upon America’s youth.

Find out why we think Hollywood (and  #metoo) are empty of any good, why incarceration as a punishment for crime is immoral, (and even ridiculous), and why suicide is and shall remain criminal, no matter what the heathen’s say.

It seems half of Americans are ready to throw in the towel and embrace Bernie Sanders, and government jobs, health care and cheese for all, even as one of the inspirations for such foolishness, John McCain prepares to be taught a few lessons in economics, justice and morality from his creator.

And Burning Man founder Larry Harvey has taken his place among the burning men…

All this and a few prognostications from the Bird Whisperer at the podcast below.