When Sex Became Gender

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host on a mind bending journey to other worlds and other words, where what was obvious has been obfuscated.

Come with us to Venezuela for the “Maduro Diet“, to Kenya where arms dealers convinced their military to buy armored crop dusters from one of Barry HO’s donors, and to Arizona where Sheriff Joe is no longer sheriff, and hundreds of criminal aliens are being released!

Visit Daytona where a boyfriend shot his girlfriend, their dog, and himself, to the WNBA where a straight girl damns the dykes, and to the heart of Texas where a tranny jacked up on testosterone was allowed to beat up the girls and take their trophy.

We tour the NFL and their “kiss cam” for fags, the Department of Education where the authority of God was “Trumped” by Jeff Sessions’ “states rights”, and Betsy Devos proclaimed her lifelong dedication to queering the students of every school in America!

Then there are the aliens! Yes! In Solar systems as “seen” on CNN, and on “Super Earths” in the “Goldillocks Zone”.

In fact, don’t blink! They’re everywhere!

And while Brietbart trolls for a token faggot to replace Milo, Rachel Dolezal may consider reinterpreting her expression of “gender identity”, since she can barely seem to make ends meet these days…

And of course we keep you abreast of the latest news from the “Day Without Dykes” general strike called by terrorists, Stalinists, Maoists and lots of other misfits who never really worked a real job anyway.

All this and other things as we see fit at the podcast below.



Criminal Citizenship

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer peers over the edge with her host and provides a soundtrack back from oblivion.

We’ll take you to Mississippi where difficulty in obtaining the drugs necessary for the humane application of lethal injection by the state has led one pragmatic legislator to call for the firing squad!

We’ll travel to a Unitarian “church” in Denver where Jeanette Vizguerra, the poster girl for illegal immigration is holed up giving audience to every left wing media outlet on the planet, and from there we’ll walk up the street a little way to the place where illegal alien Ever Valles murdered  Tim Cruz.

We’ll take a survey of the “catch and release” program practiced by our hapless judicial officials and see how it lead directly to the murder of student Reagan Tokes, how it led somewhat indirectly to the extra-judicial “execution” of armed robber Terione Dominique Williams, and how it secured the ultimate “new trial” for rapist & sex offender Roger Lee Largent!

Come and review with us the creative and incomprehensible opinions of American judges when it comes to sentencing creeps for statutory rape, or doling out justice to serial child abusers.

Witness the NFL’s demand that Texas join them in taking the Mark of the Beast.

And hear about another florist found guilty of Christianity, while the Church of England lisps along toward homosexual catastrophe.

Discover a tale of Islamist victories from Athens Greece to Abilene Texas, and how an Islamic terror attack in Denver that killed Scott Von Lanken was successfully covered up by a suicidal and complicit media!

All this while lesbians, socialists, trannies, old used up hippies and millennial misfits nationwide prepare to take part in one or more of the “Top 10” activities voted most likely to occur during their historic “Day Without Dykes” on March 8, 2017!

And there is fear in California’s Central Valley, where if it keeps on raining, the levee’s gonna break…



What to Believe…

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer guides her host like a drone swarm against the lies and deceptions sold as the truth to a generation of children wondering what they should believe.

Find out how suicide is now just another option for dealing with life’s problems, how British leftists think having more kids hurts the economy, why the Personhood Movement is something to be feared, (by the enemies of all that is right and good), and why the human being was not designed to treat sex like an amusement park ride!

Hear about the reality of that drone swarm we mentioned, why regulating murder is killing the pro-life movement, how American “faith leaders” blessed the murder and dismemberment of innocent people by Planned Parenthood in the nation’s capital, and why attempted arson is now deemed “political speech” if it is against Jews in Germany.

Dylan Roof joined Charles Manson on Death Row this past week, the Ft. Lauderdale Airport killer turned out to be a Moslem terrorist after all, and Berkeley didn’t even get through the first week of 2017 without a deranged homosexual murdering an innocent girl and stabbing another.

Find out why the upbringing of Millennials has left them wondering what to believe, why the FBI arrested a VW employee for outsmarting their bureaucratic brethren at the EPA, what “Bikers for Trump” really means for the future of the country….

And finally, how it is now illegal to behave like a civilized person on a freezing  Michigan morning!

Get your head all around it at the podcast below…