Don’t Be Evil

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host adopt the slogan discarded by Google and hoist it aloft once again at the front of the race to save the world!

We’ll visit those killing people who should not die and keeping people alive who should not live.

All we are saying… is give GMO‘s a chance.

We look to Atheist Theoretical Physicist Lawrence Krauss for his thoughts on the origins of the universe, but discover more about the origins of the #metoo movement.

And you’ll hear just how far into Evil Google has descended alongside their new Anti-christ lords in Red China.

We believe we are the first to ask aloud when and if Joe Biden will come out as gay

Discover reason number 1,153 to get, (or keep) your kids away from the molesters in the government schools.

And then there is attempted murder with the abortion pill, the “naked intruder”  who got a Colorado grandfather killed, and the “immigrant” who shot a Colorado cop in the head!

Ah, yes… and there’s Jerry Brown melting down after accidentally acknowledging something like the biblical account of civilization, and another famous “accidental overdose“; this time for radio personality Art Bell.

All this and some advice on making “Facebook Friends” at the podcast below.



Just an Industry

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as she provides musical salve to the wounds inflicted on the body politic by the industrial churn maiming all that is good and right.

Join us in Chicago where between pitched street battles for gangland supremecy, politician Willie Wilson shows us what American democracy really looks like by handing out wads of cash at post christian churches, (no need for any pesky foreign meddling).

Fly to Mars with the atheists trying to find a puddle in which to hide from God.

Visit Parkland Florida where the survivors are killed and eaten.

And then on to South Texas where the band directors deal in child pornography, and the “Just-a-System” just churns them right on through

Visit Anytown USA where the pension crisis is now upon us and might just “trim” everybody’s bank account, despite the promises of the known liars who sold it in the first place.

Discover why the animated show “Rick and Morty” is the next signpost on the road to the Apocalypse, (and how it’s creators’ minds are even more twisted and warped that the show’s content would make you think).

The Dallas Mavericks say they will accede to the #me too movement by covering up a bit of their cheerleader’s flesh next season.

We’ll revisit the “Mother of All Battles”, Iranian style, (“Mother of All Wars“), and hear why the homos in Israel are whining about Benjamin Netanyahu not allowing them to adopt and molest children, (even after he promised).

We will discuss the Islamic Terror attack in Toronto that seems to have escaped the attention of just about everyone…

You’ll learn how sexual immorality led to the Traders Joe’s standoff, and why Wisconsinites might have trade in their Cheese Heads for paper sacks as they pony up to pay for government funded sex change operations!

All this and the search for a bloodless, painless, trauma free means of killing livestock.



The Meddling

America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host investigate what and who it was that got us where we are, and how we might find our way back.

We’ll try to find out whether Russian Agent Maria Butina was arrested for her meetings with the NRA or her meetings with Obama Treasury Department Officials and whether it’s the Supreme Court or the Pro-Life Industry who are more to blame for the loss of America.

We’ll discuss the popularity of suicide and murder among the leftist “we care” crowd, genetic modification of humans, and why God fearing men are our best hope for the moral use of technology now, and in the future.

Listen in to tales of slutty liberals, trannies and their hormones, queers in the dorm-rooms and human excrement piled high enough to make even a native San Franciscan take notice!

We’ll also discuss the Meghalayan Age, aging rock stars, drunken divorcees, not so radioactive wine and the uniform, military guidelines for taking a proper shower.

All this and some tunes at the podcast below!