Fighting False Narratives

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as she joins her host in exposing the false narratives of the socialists, the democrats, the queers and agitators alike…

That’s right, whether you believe that the greatest threat to young black men is white cops, or that homosexuals are the 21st century equivalent of Medgar Evers, or that Ben & Jennifer Affleck still have a loving friendship, and always put their kids first, you are part of the problem we seek to expose with a tempestuous yet enlightening dose of conservative talk on this week’s episode of the Weekly Worldview.

Join us to see on one hand the collision of false narratives on the streets of Chicago as the “black lives matter” march collides with the homo “pride” march, and on the other, an entire county clerk’s office resigns rather than start marrying of queers and other sex perverts!

Learn the ugly truth behind the rainbow and glitter laden homosexualist movement spoken openly and without shame by “pride” leaders in San Francisco, New York, and by a leading homo activist/journalist who makes no bones about the movements lies, and their desire to destroy the institution of marriage.

Amid the destruction of our sacred institutions the bastard children we call “the generation of hate” rampage wild in the streets, while their counterparts rape and beat our daughters, and their teachers molest them with the consent and affirmation of the state.

And still the persecuted of the world yearn to find freedom and justice here…

We’ll let you know how the agitators and the purveyors of hate and lies are grooming their followers to divide us black from white, all the while working to convince us that homosexual deviance s the “new normal”… but it turns out to be a hoax.

The fatal flaws of democracy and socialism were simultaneously writ large as the welfare cases in Greece were given the opportunity to vote as to whether or not they would pay their bills… and surprise! They voted no!

And finally, the theologian yawned as the molecular biologist announced the secret to eternal life…

Get it all and more at the podcast below, and drive on into the week ahead knowing that it’s easier than ever to let your light shine as the world goes darker.


A Conspiracy of Convenience

This week your host and his extremely attractive audio engineer are reunited to bring you the report of the new paradigm ascending from below…

We slog through the cultural wreckage of a civilization so degraded that the lowest of criminals kill for a cell phone, Pop stars end in nothing, high school coaches keep child porn on their iPad, and Jill Stanek get’s paid well as an advocate for a million plus legal abortions a year on behalf of the Susan B. Anthony List and the rest of the Pro Life Industry.

Find out why murder victim “the right reverend” Clamenta Pinckney got off much easier than did the tens of thousands of innocent people he advocated killing…

Marvel Comics boldly insists Spider Man will remain a heterosexual, but Entertainment Weekly says their hero is the trans-gendered freak on their cover!

And while an old United Methodist fag may have disingenuously self immolated, a high school in San Francisco is most certainly adding a class on how to be a homosexual and get molested by your teacher! And while the US Supreme Court has attempted to usurp the authority of God and redefine His institution of marriage, keep the faith friends, because there are still normal people out there!

With all this going on few people noticed that the hack of the personal information of several million government workers included data on their personal foibles… indicating it may not have been the Chinese… but even worse… the DNC!

And so while we get confirmation that Valerie Jarrett was raised a stone communist, we also find out that yet another of the great minds of physics and modern science, Wehner von Braun was in fact a Creationist!

So we take the good with the bad just like you do, and invite you to join us at the podcast below as we sort out where we’re headed, and just what needs to be done.



Everything’s Going to be… OK?

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer & her conservative talk host to hear if indeed everything’s going to be OK, or if we should be concerned…

Tune in and learn why suicide is on the rise amongst our female military vets, how tp pray to Allah with public school teachers, why the Federal Justice System insists on covering up the crimes of Denny Hastert, and why your host and his extremely attractive audio engineer are joining Franklin Graham in closing their accounts with Wells Fargo!

Then there’s our call for the end of the prison system in America, the call for voluntary human extinction, tattoos mistaken for cancer, and a tranny born a man who beats up girls for a living!

Listen in to find out just why Miley Cyrus is on her way straight to Hell with jet rockets, why a DA in Albany Georgia will be joining her, (along with a pro-adultery judge in Japan) and how they’ll all be frying together with the management team at Ashley Madison!

We discover that it was actually a sales rep, and not our crack federal work force that discovered the massive breach of millions of federal employees data, how Barry HO and his girl Junta continue to release terrorists from Gitmo, and that Barry has dispatched one of his minions to further deceive Israel and the world regarding Iran’s derive toward nuclear weapons.

Would you believe it takes 175 quadrillion Zimbabwean dollars to ride a public bus there? And did you know that America is now the worlds largest producer of oil and gas? Or that the Mayo Clinic is studying how to be happy?

It’s all here at the podcast below, including how cars of the future may be able to help the government do one of the few things it should be doing… fixing potholes!