World War III

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer does her best to help her host get over his fear of the impending World War…

There’s the Bad Pope condemning the death penalty at a lunch he arranged with a pile of homos, Iran endorsing an EMP nuclear attack on America even as Barry finalizes the schedule upon which the can base their plans for attack.

Then Barry HO dealt the penultimate betrayal of our allies in Israel by outing their nuclear program and lighting another fuse on the new Arms Race in the Middle East.

And even as Barry works to give Iran the bomb, he orders American Bombers to assist Iran in the Shia Islamic State’s conquest of Iraq and Syria. Then, as if to put a bow on your host’s concern about the rapid approach of WWIII, one of the Anti-Semitic, suicidal children of the Obama administration, (Barry’s previously unknown, invisible “chief of staff“) shows up at J. Street to demand that Israel surrender to the Islamist Hordes.

The Sunni Islamic State took credit for slaughtering tourists at the Tunisian museum, as Bowe Bergdahl was timidly charged with desertion, but not treason, and has apparently escaped the death penalty he deserves.

Then there’s California where they not only register and regulate rapists, slave traders & kidnappers, now they want them to live near the public parks and schools.

Listen in to hear about an Aurora Colorado man who could get just 12 years in prison for the aforementioned crimes of rape, slavery & kidnapping!

The Navy has decided to try to kick a Christian Chaplain out of the service for supporting normal marriage.

Colorado officials are terrified at the thought of classifying the brutal murder of an 8 month old baby as murder for fear of upsetting the false tranquility they’ve built up, like a house of cards around their “well regulated” child killing industry, Michelle Obama says working moms like her are the best kind, and the French are on their way to making their suicidal tendencies official!

The trannies are pouring out of closet on daytime TV, and male teachers are showing up for classes dressed as girls, and pouring in to the boy’s room and/or the girls room at the public schools!

Finally: robots are set to take over entire industries over the next 20 years or so… But don’t worry folks Tim Tebow is building hospitals, helping kids, preaching Christ, making professional fighters cry, and maybe even playing football again some time soon.

It’s all at the podcast below. So tune in to find out what’s going on and what we need to do about it!


Frenzy of Godlessness

This week your host and his extremely attractive audio engineer push back against a veritable tsunami of godlessness with much of the news and some of the answers…

Station management apologizes for the lack of a blog and the static in the final segment of conservative talk, but technical difficulties, farm equipment problems and livestock misadventures made it nearly miraculous that the show went off at all!

Doug’s off to San Francisco to step over bums to enjoy flat breads & pitas, (and to work). So The Weekly Worldview will not air next Sunday. But we’ll be back as soon as we can….


Things That Should & Should Not Exist…

This week the world of conservative talk was rocked by the Weekly Worldview’s extremely attractive audio engineer, and the poignant analysis of her host.

We’ve got the world’s oldest person on longevity and how she achieved it, Ed Snowden dogging life in Russia, Ben Carson bowing to the homosexualists, ABC “Family” committing a queer felony against teenagers on national TV, (and celebrating instead of awaiting trial in chains), Three queer Buddhists getting “married” & Barry Obama making Stonewall the equivalent of D-Day!

In Nigeria Boko Haram uses teenage girls as suicide bombers, while in America the government schools produce suicide and expose their students to pornography.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz insists what the world needs most is more abortions, Al Franken apologized to Emily’s list for being a “guy”, and we were reminded of how, in 1972 Walter Cronkite told us global cooling was “the way it was”.

And then there’s coverage of the old San Francisco tradition o0f smoking dope, removing your pants and being robbed…

Finally we hear from astronomers and scientist as they analyze the latest evidence against the Big Bang, while random noise from space has others all aflutter in hopes of finding intelligent life for whom they can post their annoying self absorbed social media updates.

Tune in to the Podcast for some of the most entertaining and important conservative talk of our generation!