Confluence of Influence

Tune in to discover how America’s most attractive audio engineer helps her host maintain the conviction that life is NOT a virtual reality computer simulation!

But the authorities in Seattle are not so sure dubbing their newly created “Safe Spaces” for shooting up heroin as “Community Health Engagement Locations…”

The Eurozone is euthenizing children (and itself) while the Islamists make fools of our soldiers amidst the chaos in Syria, and the President of the United States ships a couple billion (in cash) to our enemies in Iran, and lies to our faces about it.

Meanwhile John Kerry’s State Departments takes a cue from the Clinton Global Initiative, doling out cash to dim witted family members engaged in “doing good”, while doing very well thank you very much.

The “Green Berets in Negligees” are on hold for the moment, but Hillary Clinton and her ilk are hell bent on erasing God’s natural order, even if someone has to die trying!

Olympic gold medalist Claressa Shields saved an innocent child’s life, but a not so innocent 17 year old boy got the death penalty for a home invasion, all the while we are being told that “child molesters are people too”, and are to be tolerated in our midst…

Enemy combatants continue their war on the police, even as Black Lives Matter protest leaders are asking the police for help protecting them from all the crime they’ve helped encourage.

But don’t get too uptight about the bombs in New Jersey, the explosion in Manhattan, and the Islamist stabbings at the mall, leading “experts” are debating the idea that indeed their very existence, and all this troubling news is just the aforementioned virtual reality computer simulation.

The podcast below is anything but!




Tune in to America’s most attractive audio engineer & her host as they remember Septembers past, lessons learned, lessons forgotten & the existential threats still present…

A government high school coach’s seduction and rape of teenage students provides reason # 1071 to get (or keep) your kids out of the government schools, Zika is showing more signs of being a venereal disease, and Western governments have devolved to the point of administering the “transitioning” gender confused children as early as four years old!

Vladimir Putin narrowly escaped death, a Moslem terrorist is now on staff at George Washington University, and the US State Department appears to be a source of training for at least two of ISIS’ top leaders!

In San Bernardino, CA the chilling effects of “Black Lives Matter”, along with the end of mandatory minimum sentences from the 1990’s have combined to make the body count racked up this year by criminals exceed even higher than the count, (including those killed by the Moslem terrorists) last year.

“Black Lives Matter” liar and agitator Darren Seals was dispatched to Judgment Day, while the average American white kid prefers to destroy himself at Raves.

A 14 year old has murdered his own grandmother over an argument about going to school, and a 29 year old father is in jail for attempting to murder his own 2 year old son…

The National Review gets it right on Personhood and the world smallest surviving baby is now 9 months old and doing quite well thank you!

And while most “ancient astronaut theorists” deny that a baby in the womb equals a life that must be protected, they do continue to search for aliens, second “earths” in the “goldilocks zone“, and really just about anyone who would be willing to hang out with them in their mom’s basement.

The Mets have signed Tebow.

The Army has been surrendered in the second example in as many weeks of an elected official overriding the opinion of a federal judge.

West Point is investigating their head football coach for leading a prayer, Clemson is harassing Christians as they pray on campus, and wonder aloud to ourselves if the suicidal, idiot children exerting influence over our collapsing culture really remember anything at all that was learned on September 11, 2001.

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Christian Love

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as she wraps the observations of her indignant host with musical fig leaves incapable of concealing the insanity of it all…

We look at the bright side of the news reflected in new medical research that could lead to near miraculous cures for disease… that is, if our societal dis-ease doesn’t prevent it.

For the Islamists are at war with the secularists over the “burkini” and both sides are wrong. Strongman Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines is killing dope dealers who are turning than nation into a narco-state… and both sides are wrong. And rich, white liberals are legalizing dope, and the underclass is consuming them… and both sides are wrong.

Pro-Life Industry hacks expect to shock the world by publicizing the breaking of well established rules for murdering innocent people and selling their body parts, but they fail to acknowledge that their denying  the Personhood of the youngest and most vulnerable undermines their effort.

Another mother in Chicago was shot in the head while walking down the street in Chicago, where the detectives are fleeing, and the catch and release policy for violent felons increases the caseloads of those who remain.

Meanwhile the Department of Justice spends their time instructing the police on how to interact with trannies

The liberal activist governor of Virginia, one time Clinton shill Terry McAuliffe has proven the cowardice of so called conservative RE-publican governors by defying a court order to enforce his corrupted will, while they tell us they can do nothing to defy the madmen in black robes who issue opinions in favor of killing innocent people & violating God’s institution of marriage.

And so the president can pay a ransom and then some, and lie about how he did it, FBI files regarding the suicide of Vince Foster can be secreted away from the National Archives, and Moslem activist Huma Abedin can intern for a First Lady, and work her way up to the very real possibility of serious influence of the highest levers of power in the land!

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