Under Siege

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they break the siege of the psychological molesters, race hustlers and deviants who compare unfavorably to even a Coyote!

We’ll compare two dystopian constructs: The one imagined by the cowering children of Climate Change, and the other, actually being inflicted upon the people of Venezuela.

You’ll hear how Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are following the path of the adults who abused them and millions of others in the formative years by putting their two year old through sex ed class.

Find out how the Just-a-Sytem works, how God gave Cape Town South Africa a reprieve from the aforementioned “Mad Max dystopia“, and why Fox News is just another mouth-piece for the queers.

CNN meanwhile appears to have hired a North Korean editor!

We’ll go undercover with a Christian “outed” in a British school, and tell you all about how “Black Lives Matter” is not only a front for socialist agitation and the stoking of racial angst… It’s gone gay too!

Find out about reason number one to Home School instead of sending your kids to a private, “Christian” school…

Hear the final word on the racist Olympic Coin Toss, Bill Nye’s denial of humanity to the smallest and most defenseless among us, and how Gerber was the most effective warrior in the culture war this past week!

Then more from the youth! A baby left an airport bathroom in Tucson, and a dying girl raped and exploited in Washington State.

We’ll curse the sad dark aftermath of the un-funny Robin Williams suicide, analyze the drop in American Life Expectancy, and bring you the latest update on Barack Obama’s bloody Middle Eastern legacy.

All this and an update on the siege mentality at the McBurney compound and a cry for help to stop it!



In Deep

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer distracts her host just long enough to get everyone through the darkness, the cynicism and the deepening sense that something just ain’t right.

We’ll talk science and creation in the Jungles of Guatemala, crime and punishment in Oklahoma, and the wicked executives of Hasbro trying to teach kids, and adults that cheating is fun!

We’ll peek deep into the black heart of darkness via analysis of the latest David Brooks Abortion Memo, the Social Justice indoctrination factories of the Edina MN (and every American) government school, and the legislative agenda of the pile of creeps & perverts atop California, against Home Schoolers.

We’ll cover eruptions of gunfire and madness with at least 2 more reasons to get (or keep) your kids OUT of the government schools!

We commemorate the anniversary of the mass martyrdom of Christians in Nagasaki, slap the Pope on the nose (BAD POPE!!), and honor scientists doing amazing work, despite the fact that they rely precisely ZERO percent on Darwinian evolution!

And you’ll also hear what NOT to bring to your MRI, the truth about male hip hop purveyor Jay-Z, why coyotes are preferable to neighbors in certain situations, and a bit of advice about how to best serve your fellow man…

All that. At a price we feel is more than fair.






Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and better half of Americas leading “Global Couple” works alongside her host to bring operational solutions to the powers that be, and the rest of us.

We start with a quiz: How many strikes with a kitchen knife by an enraged man against a defenseless woman are required in California to get the Death Penalty? Answer: apparently more than 23.

Then there’s the former “doctor” for Team USA Gymnastics who molested at least 150 girls, trafficked in child porn, and was rewarded by the Just-A-Sysem with his life. (But at least Rachael Denhollander gave him the Gospel with both barrels).

And how many students have to be mowed down at a public school for the story to have a noticeable impact on the news cycle? Apparently more than 14

We’ve got homos getting married IN UNIFORM at West Point, a schizophrenic Pope awarding a global abortionist, and a sitting congress-woman doing a drag show!

America’s most Pro-Family president since Ronald Reagan, or maybe even George Washington, Donald J. Trump has sent his best wishes for continued success to the perverts in the Log Cabin Republican pile, (and equated their sick sexual perversion with the color of a man’s skin)!

And in the world of academia we saw a researcher drummed out of funding for daring to ask if anyone ever regretted having a sex-change operation, a P.E. teacher stripped naked, chasing children around the playground, a study warning of the infertility of the male population in 50 years, and a survey proving that atheist believe in God! (At least when they’re scared).

Then there’s Turkeys invasion of Syria, overshadowed by the far more important news of the week: a twitter war between Trump and Jay-Z.

Cape Town South Africa is running out of water, and Mohammed is the most popular baby boys name in Holland for 2 years running.

Finally, we will examine more evidence that all this climate catastrophism being spewed by secular humanist, materialist child abusers is beginning to take it’s toll on the psyches of impressionable children, and even full grown men!

And oh yes, there’s the Neo-Luddite fear that technology will make people unable how to find new and interesting things to do, and the fun fact that you might want to go ahead and get all you can out of every sneeze you get!

And don’t forget the daily bloodbath! In Kabul where you might expect it. But also another Deputy (Heath Gumm) gunned down in Colorado, Four more murdered at a car-wash near Pittsburg, And a typical weekend in Denver. And the list grows daily.