Whatever Happened to Brotherly Love?

Find out what did NOT happen in Ferguson Missouri & learn the truth about brotherly love this week as host Doug McBurney and his extremely attractive audio engineer bring you their Weekly Worldview.

As a man lay dying of a gunshot wound outside the “Concert for Peace on the Streets” of Philadelphia, another man was desperately trying to get His message of truth out to the concertgoers and the world:

“There is no greater love than this; that a man would lay down His life for His friends.”

And word is getting out! Starting right here at the Weekly Worldview…

But we must also condescend to cover the mundane and pedestrian… like accounts of things like a $9000.00 E.R. bill for stitches and a tetanus shot courtesy of America’s socialized medical system, the bidding at JudgmentMarketplace.com for a share of the money owed by O.J. Simpson to the family of one of the people he murdered, and the temporary “shelving” of a sex ed book so graphic your host could not fully convey the perversion for fear of violating your sense of common decency, by educators who want to discuss with parents the “appropriate age” at which to introduce your children to sexual degradation. (Some of them say it’s probably around age ten…)

Common Core is triggering an exodus from the government schools! Christians are feeling abandoned by the RE-publican party, And Rand Paul makes the brave assertion that stomping on kittens is something he’s against, (sorry, we meant killing babies). But we’re encouraged he says he supports Personhood!

DigitalGlobe’s latest satellites will be able to see your face from space, (but not nearly as clearly as God sees it everyday). A smell is going up to heaven from Denver, but it’s anything but a sweet smelling aroma. And a real life test of an App that warns of sketchy neighborhoods proves an ironic success in Washington D.C.!

A “Wildcat” from Arvada West High School in Colorado has been arrested for supporting the Islamic State terrorists, Mohammed is the most popular name for newborn boys in England, and a civilizational conflict of epic proportion is unfolding from Iraq to Syria to Turkey, to Gaza, to Nigeria and beyond…

But don’t be alarmed! Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has concluded an exhaustive review of approved military hairstyles, and has concluded that those members of the American military who manage to keep their heads in the coming conflict may wear cornrows…

It’s the view from up here, as we look down on the rest of the world from a mile above it all, and you’re welcome to it at the podcast link below.



The Reconciling of the World

Will Barry Ho’s latest military intervention bring reconciliation between the murderers, robbers, rapists, kidnappers, Islamists, Christians, women, children, and Yazidis in Iraq? Don’t bet on it. But we give Barry the advice he needs to achieve it!

We begin with the threat of another mass extinction event, and the calculated propping up of the Mitt Romney candidacy for 2016. (The two are only tangentially related…)

Then there’s Israel’s Iron Dome and the Hand of God, the crucifixion of civilization by the ISIS Islamists, and Barry’s half-hearted intervention, (only after most of the Christians were killed). and the strangely under-reported story of the first targeted killing of an American General since 1873!

Charity begins at home, but godless European bureaucrats think charity starts in the parliament! And speaking of the godless: turns out West Hollywood has more dogs than kids!

Target Stores have taken the “Mark of the Beast” and signed on to homosexual marriage; Northwestern University is opening their bathrooms to more than queer-cruisers this semester… they’re opening the bathrooms to ALL genders! And how many is that? Well, who’s to say…

The British National Health Service has begun replacing husbands with a sperm bank;  earthquakes are rattling the oilfields of Oklahoma; and Europe’s youth are cracking under the weight of their pan-generational socialist experiment.

In justice news we applaud Texas for keeping dope illegal, but decry the unjust punishment of dope dealers there. We applaud the idea that we must charge John Hinkley, Jr. for the murder of James Brady. And we give kudos to all the Internet tech giants scanning your and mine email in order to prosecute pornographers!

We bring you reasons 788 & 789 to get, (or keep) your kids out of the government schools, (involving a pornographic “health” textbook for 9th graders, and free sex therapy for Freshmen respectively).

Finally, we are saddened for a mother who called the police after discovering her teenage son was watching pornography, only to find that there’s nothing they can do to enforce anti-pornography laws that were stripped from the fabric of our nation decades ago.

And we find the mere suspension of a pervert lawyer who hits on abused women to be par for the course when it comes to the machinations of the ruling Proctocracy…

Grab America’s fastest streaming podcast below, and go forth into the week with humility and courage!



Stopping the Suicidal Secular Children Threatening Us All

America’s most attractive audio engineer bumps in and out of some disturbing news and uplifting advice from the nations fastest streaming host!

Find out why a local 9-1-1 system may have caused a professor of law to wait 12 minutes for an ambulance before he died, why RE-publicans in Mississippi are too compromised and corrupt to shut down the last abortion mill there, and why Bob Beauprez can’t bring himself to call for the execution of Chuck E. Cheese killer Nathan Dunlap.

Justice took a few body blows, as she saw a murder conviction overturned for lack of proper seating, a judge seduced the wife of the man she was divorcing in his court, and is immune from civil prosecution, (and criminal prosecution for the crime of adultery), three other judges opined that marriage is an expansive right to be stretched among as many people of as many genders as “societal norms” dictate, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg plans to hand around the Supreme Court as long as she is able to articulate clearly her suicidal, secular, socialist opinions…

Barry has hollowed out our military, The UN continues to condemn Israel and promote the values of HAMAS, Facebook has a hard time seeing why anyone’s offended by the anti-Semitic electronic shout of “death to the Jews“, Islamists are apparently the only people capable of killing Islamists now that the west has retreated, and Europe is bankrolling Al-Qaeda due to their lack of wisdom and guts to fight them!

But we haven’t forgotten that Boko Haram still has those Christian girls, and that Islam is the pagan fount of the slave trade, despite Barry Ho’s tip of the hat to Islam’s influence on the “very fabric” of America…

The distorted spirit of the suicidal secular children in charge is on display for all to see, and only you and I have the solution…