Bad Religion, Bad Science & Blind Fear

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they explore the roots of some of our irrational fears, and our generation’s most potent existential threat (that could just get us all killed)!

We begin with the American College of Physicians kneeling at the altar of the homosexualists, while in Texas the legislature is threatened by the same Gay Mafia over their effort to preserve biblical marriage!

We find P. Diddy afraid to grow up and act like a man, a public school student leaving her dead child at the nurse’s office, high school Chlamydia in Crane TX, and rape at the “Sun God” festival at San Diego State.

Tune in to hear about the modern singularity of pornography on demand and the damage it does to boys, and the threat it poses to the future of Western (and Eastern for that matter) Civilization.

We have the baby killers confirming that RE-publicans cannot be “pro-choice” while supporting anything that might look like Personhood, a study showing the decline of Christianity and the rise of the “nones“, and cop killings doubling via the community organizing being done by the Barry HO administration.

And then, with pure messianic delusion, Barack Obama disagrees with Jesus statement that the poor will always be with us, (and seems to imply he can show us how to do what Jesus would not)!

The Boston Bomber will likely die of old age on Death Row, Saturday Night Live proves their cowardice and a lack of comedic talent, while failing to finish the Mohammed joke they apparently stole, and Barry and his horsewomen can’t resist spiking the football over killing one terrorist, while ISIS takes Anbar Province in Iraq.

Hear about Daniel Pipes startling research into the water shortage that might just be the catalyst that fully inflames World War III, and how Valerie Jarrett’s trade of five top terrorists for deserter Bowe Bergdahl is about to play out on the Afghan battlefield.

All this and more at the podcast below:



Conservatives Win!

This week your host and his extremely attractive audio engineer examine the manifold crannies and crevasses into which the hopeful hand of the nation has been flung, in desperate grasps for purchase along it’s rapid descent down the slippery slope.

But we take heart that in the long run, the ultimate conservative; the Living God indeed does win!

But first we’ve got to deal with reason number 906 to get, or keep your kids out of the government schools; a federal Department of Education mandate that schools adopt approved trans-gendered policies, or lose the federal funds to which they are hopelessly addicted!

Then there are reasons 902 & 903, 904 & 905!

It’s a young earth! And it’s not very stable either! As earthquake scientists in California warn of “The Big One“.

We examine the history of ISIS terrorist Elton Simpson and the proctors who set him free to make war against Pamela Geller, (but ending up proving that the “mighty” warriors of Allah are no match for a traffic cop in Texas)!

And we learn who’s side Barry HO and his Proctocracy are on when Ms. Geller asked for protection in light of the Fatwa issued against her by Barry’s apparent allies! Barry and his horsewomen say you’re on your own Pam!

The communist Chinese government is tearing down crosses faster than an army of vampires, the British National Health Service is asking old folks to just die already, “conservative” Nebraska is considering eliminating the Death Penalty for murderers, (but not for their victims), and Al Sharpton’s minions want to reduce crime, by decriminalizing crime!

The author of the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” narrative has been arrested for drug possession before completing his shakedown of Ferguson, MO and their police, And Texas’ DPS Director has moved to the front of our pack of presidential hopefuls by calling Snoop Dogg, (a dope smoking cop hater) a dope smoking cop hater!

But Rick Santorum reminds us of the backward collapse of conservatism into cheap liberalism by clarifying that when he’s asked how he feels about mentally ill men transitioning to women, he prefers to “deflect“.

Conservatism may be in a sad state, but Doug McBurney and The Weekly Worldview continue to hold the line with hard-core, old corps, old-school conservative talk you’ll only find at the podcast below!


Bastards and the Snake Pit

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host, Doug McBurney follow the humanist hate machine out of the high schools, into the streets, across various “genders” and against all that is right & good.

America’s most controversial purveyor of conservative talk notes that while Rosie O’Donnell is in a cat fight with her formerly “trailblazing & brave” (but now estranged) lesbian partner, America’s “mom of the year” Toya Graham caused us all to cheer! Only to realize upon further reflection, the sad desperation of a devolving nation meekly inspired by a vulgar failure of a mother.

Now that 20% of American households contain no one who works full time, and the hero of the 1976 Olympics, Bruce Jenner’s gone tranny, (with Rick Santorum approval); we begin to see the cumulative toll of these events, coupled with a godless government education, prescription drugs & divorce; and it has brought us a generation who hate their fathers while being taught they should be socialists, abortionists & homosexualists: (with riots in the streets and “space to destroy“)!

Meanwhile calling Barry Ho out on his anti-Christian actions could cost you your job!

We pause to remember the more than one million Armenian Christians slaughtered by the Islamists of a century ago, and to pray for those being led to slaughter across the Middle East and Africa today. The Armenian Genocide must not be repeated in 2015!

We follow the criminal parenting of a Massachusetts couple who, in our opinion should be arrested for attempting to turn their daughter into a mentally ill “boy”, a lesbian teacher on a crusade to corrupt the minds of her captive students in Ontario, Canada, and a $135,000.00 award, taken by a black robed highwayman of the Proctocracy from Aaron & Melissa Klein, a normal Christian couple who own Sweet Cakes Bakery to be given to a pair of dykes!

Then there’s the US Supreme Court, where John Roberts, Anthony Kennedy and at least three other lesbians are set to impose homosexual marriage upon those foolish enough to accept it. (And you know the normal people are in trouble, when even the grandmothers have gone lesbo!)

Great Britain continues to shed her greatness as a majority of what births there are among the non-Moslem population are projected to be illegitimate within a decade…

But don’t give up hope! The forces of Goodness & Light have introduced an effort to restore Personhood rights to the weakest and most vulnerable people in South Carolina: the unborn, who cannot speak or fight for themselves.

Will you speak and fight for the innocent who need you? We hope that just as we choose to fight, so will you. And perhaps we can save these bastards from the destruction they seem hell bent to bring upon themselves… and us!

Find out how at the audio Podcast link right now!