Collapsing Population, Culture & Schools… Risen Lord!

This week your host and his extremely attractive audio engineer pull back the curtain on the schools, the welfare state, the justice system and the culture revealing the shakiness of it all, while using our brand of conservative talk to point to the firm foundation of the Resurrected Lord.

Our longstanding advocacy of registering child molesters & rapists as sex-offenders using only headstones is reinforced by the tale of two GPS tracked murderers, while Michael Bloomberg cements his position at the head of the line for jet rockets to Hell on Judgment Day!

The welfare state is creaking under the weight of the guilt of the liberal Proctocracy here in America and abroad, while the so called “miracle drug” Marijuana is causing some to kill or be killed.

We go to France for reason 712 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools, and then it’s back to America for reasons 710 & 711

Another lawyer is threatening to expose the sordid world of pedophilia in Hollywood, and at the same time a police chief who’s fellow officers protect Utah abortion clinics with armed guards claims he’s shocked that anyone would think to kill seven babies

And in England a father was told by one doctor that he might have to choose “who’s life to save” as his pregnant wife lay dying from a car crash, (but fortunately another doctor was delivering the healthy baby via emergency C- section in another room). And both patients survived!

Judge Roy Moore and the Alabama Supreme Court have struck down legal abortion by declaring that the legal definition of the word “child” includes unborn children from their earliest stages of development… (now only if our side would enforce his ruling). We pray for just one Sheriff in Alabama to do just that!

The global population collapse is viewed from both Japan and Iran this week, while a new study on some of the babies that have managed to be born recently indicates that an infant’s moral capacity is likely more advanced than the average Episcopal Reverend’s!

We have a bit of fun with Chelsea Clinton’s BIG announcement! (Apologies to the liberals, but she’s decided not to abort this one).

And in that great bastion of paganism and the Caste System; India, the courts have ordered all government documents to be reformatted to accommodate a third (trans) gender, no matter if you’re in the caste of untouchables or not! They’re not letting their vile caste system of repression and discrimination get in the way of promoting deviance, perversion and a hedonistic pagan culture of death…

You may have heard the other conservative talkers, but this is politics, religion, and all the things you were told never to discuss in public available now for download, in the privacy of your own home!


Strange Religion, Bad Religion & Unlikely Theologians…

This week on the Worldview you will hear all the politics and religion fit to report, all wrapped in the audio bumpers of America’s most attractive audio engineer!

Find out why John Hagee and the “Blood Moon” profiteers are taking advantage of their position as theologians and why they are wrong to to so. And find out why your host is uncomfortable with Mike Huckabee’s implication that if God changes His opinion on sin, Mike would go along…

The Colorado dope dealing business isn’t generating the revenue predicted when the dope dealers told us they’d use it “for the children”, a Mesopotamian tablet about the flood story of Noah exposes the depth of ignorance to be found on CNN’s “religion” blog, pro-homosexual pastor Ryan Bell says that now that he’s been kicked out of his church, he’s decided to “take a journey” and “explore atheism”… And the atheists are sending him cash!

Jesus is more popular than the communists on China’s version of Twitter, the pope says all the right things about the right to life, but all the wrong things about the free market. Misguided conservatives seem to want abortion clinics inspected at least as often as tanning salons, and a woman in South Carolina has become the first known case of a prosecution for causing the death of her baby due to neonatal negligence, (putting the lie to scare tactics of the anti-personhood left).

Planned Parenthood has been joined by just about every department of the Oregon government, Bayer Pharmaceuticals and the homosexual lobby in the promotion of teenage promiscuity, Joe Francis, the producer of the Girls Gone Wild franchise has announced publicly that he enjoyed  killing some of his kids in order to pick just the right ones, and more young women appear to be opting to raise small dogs instead of children!

A transgendered teacher, suspended and then reinstated at a government school in Texas provides reason 708 to keep, or get your kids out of the government schools, Harry Reid scuttles the range war in Nevada to cover up his duplicity with Chinese solar scammers, and in Kansas City you might be shot at in what appears to be a terrifying series of random highway shootings, but the government says don’t worry, everything’s OK…

It’s the podcast where conservative talk meets theology, meets history at an intersection of facts, and it’s where you’ll find at least some of the truth of what’s been going on…


And here’s the text of the Brochure Doug handed out as he lectured and took questions at the “Interrfaith Panel on the Death Penalty” sponsored by the Central City Opera at Denver University April 10, 2014:

Not Sure How You Feel About This Person Being Executed?


But Are You Certain That This Baby Does Not Have the
Right to Life?

You may be suffering from serious mental illness. Read on!

James Holmes vs
the Innocent Baby

If you believe that the death penalty for a proven murderer is unjust while simultaneously asserting your “right” to kill an innocent unborn child…

You are mentally ill.

You are a murderer at heart.

Your neighbors should rightly be afraid of you.

But there is help!

The God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, the Father of Jesus Christ has given clear instruction that we are all responsible to protect the innocent and punish the guilty.

His instructions are the foundation of an effective justice system, and He has proven Himself reliable and good.

If you will humble yourself before God, and ask for His help, your sanity can be restored.

The wicked will tell you that the murderer deserves mercy and the fetus is not a person. They are liars.

We say, protect the innocent. Punish the guilty.

In this there is no mental conflict.

Mental Illness and the Death Penalty

Crossing the street requires judgments that mean the difference between life and death.

So telling yourself that you cannot judge is to deny something you do everyday.

This irrational denial will lead you into mental illness.

One should not attempt to avoid taking a position by denying the ability to judge.

One should prepare to judge rightly.

How to do that?

You were created in the image and likeness of the Living God.

Get to know Him, and His Word and you can have the wisdom to judge rightly.

Deny your creator and you will become mentally unbalanced.

Know Him and you will be assured that in Him there is ultimate justice & Truth.

And you’ll know that even though people make mistakes, God has the ability to make it right!

Who am I to Judge?

Do you wonder whether you have the ability to judge rightly on the question of capital punishment?

After all, aren’t we all flawed human beings, who make mistakes?

What if an innocent person were put to death?

Perhaps you think that this possibility alone should prohibit the government from imposing capital punishment.

Well, if you agreed with the second sentence above, you have already taken your first step to understanding the truth about capital punishment.

If you admit that we are all flawed human beings, you have acknowledged a truth that will illuminate your path.

God teaches in the Bible that man is fallen and flawed.

We must consider the facts about capital punishment, but we cannot avoid the question.

To simply deny the ability to judge on this matter is to introduce a paradox into your thought processes that will lead to mental instability.

The Death Penalty & The Gospel

Attacking the concept of the Death Penalty is attacking the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jesus was crucified to pay the penalty for sin. That penalty was death.

A righteous God requires the life of every one of us because of our sin.

Jesus even asked the Father if there was any other way to save us. (Mat. 26).

But there was no other way.

God required that the penalty be paid.

And Jesus paid it, and rose from the dead to be the first fruits of the resurrection of those who love God & His Word.

God’s Word instructs government to impose the death penalty. (Gen 9:6).

And God never repealed the command for to execute the murderer.

So to reject the Death Penalty is to reject the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

And to teach that capital punishment is unjust is to inoculate your students against the teachings of Jesus Christ.


What Would Jesus Do?


Those who think that the death penalty was repealed in the New Testament are wrong.

…you shall take no ransom for the life of a murderer who is guilty of death, but he shall surely be put to death… (Numbers 35 – Old Testament)

For [the governing authority] is God’s minister to you for good. But if you do evil, be afraid; for he does not bear the sword in vain; for he is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil.
(Rom. 13 – New Testament)

Some who teach against the death penalty merely misconstrue scripture, and have a misplaced notion of forgiveness.

Others are simply denying that they deserve the death penalty. They want out of it… but without humbling themselves before God.

There is a way to escape the ultimate death penalty that we all face.

Seek God, repent and you shall live.

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What’s Left of Christendom and the Coming Revival!

Join America’s most extremely attractive audio engineer and her conservative talk host for another lucid & entertaining review of all the things that really matter!

This week we examine the state of criminal justice in light of bootleg smokes in New York, the criminal “catch and release” program in New Jersey (and elsewhere), a tranny who says he/she/it’s former persona no longer exists, a judge suspended for insanity and her quest to return to the bench, a first amendment assertion for the freedom to encourage suicide live via webcam, and a California candidate calling for the Death Penalty for corruption!

We also discover the precarious state of children’s mental health in increasingly godless culture, how the Mozilla CEO was forced to take the “Mark of the Beast” and then run out of town anyway, why Pat Buchanan is touting Vladimir Putin as Christianity’s defender, and why Bill Clinton finally stopped visiting the private island of child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

We delve in to the state of the true Church as it’s persecuted with death and death threats in Pakistan, and by bulldozers in China, and how Pope Francis, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi danced around a Rosary at what may have been a wake for what’s left of the Catholic Church!

We continue our observation of the death of Western Civilization; viewing landmarks along the way like the fact that fewer than half the adults in England bother to get married these days, and Japan’s desperate effort to offset the demographic catastrophe that population control policies imported from America have created.

Then there’s reason 707 to keep or get your kids out of the Government schools, (and yes, unfortunately it involves another tranny).

And finally, the story of how a family decided to murder their daughter, and a grandfathers perspective on why such killing should be made easier for other moms, pops and grandmas in the future. A so-called “mercy killing” but with out anything like mercy… And now they’re a family of killers.

Find it hard to understand? Download the Podcast and find out how this can be, and why it’s later than you think.