Bad to Worse

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host bring you the simple, clear exposition of just what’s wrong and how to fix it!

Come with us to Venezuela where the fruits of godless socialism are being revealed by starvation. And then over to Australia (via Vatican City) where yet another high church official stands accused of raping young boys

But in Panama City Beach strangers joined together, arm in arm in an heroic effort to save the lives of people they didn’t even know.

Meanwhile in Middle School the kid’s are not alright, (in fact they’re killing themselves in alarming numbers). And in Baltimore the bloodbath is so deep the civilians are crying out for a ceasefire!

In France the socialist, homosexualist prime minister Emmanuel Macron is calling for black people to stop breeding. In England cancer is now more prevalent than marriage or child bearing, and the global call for peoples of all tongues and nations to choke off our posterity is again being dressed up in green to “fight climate change”…

And while the cartoon caricatures of American Evangelicalism have laid hands upon Donald Trump, exorcisms are on the rise, and might be recommended by Catholics and evangelicals alike!

And no wonder all this worry about demons! Tranny Bruce Jenner and degenerate Kid Rock might just end up ruling the country!

Find out what’s going on, and just what you can to to make it better at the podcast below.




Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they hold the line against the darkness that has come to take it all away…

Get an update on Charlie Gard’s family and others who are offering to help all of us to NOT murder him.

Then come with us to the Denver Central Library, (but steer clear of the bathrooms… if they’re open). But then a respite from the disturbing news of the day with the tale of a genuine American hero, (who’s not surprisingly a cop), officer Jody Thomson in Oklahoma!

Then there’s a couple of tales from the opposite end of the spectrum: Jayson Newlun the child molester, and Carlos Deangelo Bell, the public school teacher, (and child molester).

Hear about the advancing pestilence of Superbug Gonorrhea, goats displacing union workers, and another moment of sanity as a pilot tells his terrified passengers & crew to pray to God as he muscles their perishing aircraft back to safety!

We then visit with the leadership of the Catholic Church who manage to find time to host the Mass for piles of homos, when they’re not caught in flagrante delicto in a pile themselves…

We’ll document the child abuse of Searyl Atli, an innocent little Canadian girl at the hands of her mentally deranged tranny momma, and analyze what all those birth control pills and anxiolytics are doing to the fish, (and the people)!

And finally a salute to summer cyclists and sheep everywhere!!

All that, and the bird whisperer, a presidential speech where prosperity Trumps justice, and a clarification on just what’s wrong with the Catholic church. All at the podcast below:



Requiem for a Guilty Conscience

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as she brings her host back for a thoughtful and entertaining analysis of the culture, politics, religion and all the things that really matter.

We’ll unpack Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and her limp-wristed support for Barry HO’s “trannies in the schoolhouse” policies, and continue on to America’s latest import to the U.K. –  “Drag Queen Story Time”!

Then on to Athens Georgia where one tranny shot and killed another from a rival “transgender group”…

Then there’s the good old fashioned graft of John McCain, and the antithesis of that… the world record sniper shot by a member of Canada’s Joint Task Force 2 of 3,450 meters!

We’ll explore why suicide is now a problem solving option, why adultery kills, and why doctors dealing Opioids should be tried and executed!

Then it’s back to the U.K. to try and figure out why they can’t execute even the most heinous of terrorist murderers: Michael Adebolajo. And instead let him proselytize their hapless prison system.

In the mean time the European Court of “Human Rights” has sentenced 10 month old Charlie Gard to die!

MSNBC thinks Hugh Hewitt is a conservative! And crime reporters in Albuquerque just can’t get a break…

The hook up culture produces broken hearts that may never heal, John’s Hopkins brings us another cancer research breakthrough, and a tower of human skulls gives us insight into the past, (and the future) as Christian values lose their standing amongst the family of man.

All this and some choice words for the unreconciled guilty among us, at the podcast below.