Criminal Supremacy

America’s most attractive audio engineer is back! And she and her host dissect the news of the week, laying open cultural pathologies and prescribing cures.

We express our thanks and deepest appreciation for some of you veterans out there! Listen in as we compare and contrast the environments that brought World War One and Kristallnacht, to the zeitgeist of the modern day.

Find out how the failure of normal Christian people to mount an argument against legalizing criminal behavior led to ambivalence, led to decriminalization, led to legalization, led to tolerance. And how tolerance led to  affirmation, led to celebration, led to accusation, (by the formerly criminal against the formerly ambivalent), brought us to the increasingly violent demand by the criminals for supremacy.

You’ll hear how the legalization of adultery got soccer star Daniel Correa Freitas killed, and how the legalization of murder contributes to the family detonations in which men, women and children are slaughtered on a daily basis.

Visit Tucker Carlson’s house with us and hear how the criminals he often insists we must debate with civility and tolerance showed up with bats and bullhorns and made physical threats against his wife in the dark of night.

We survey the bloody landscape from Squirrel Hill to Thousand Oaks where the mass murder that has been hidden in the darkness of the womb was detonated upon a shocked, but somewhat numb population, and to Holland where the well regulated, clinically efficient murder of the innocent would make Himmler marvel.

Discover how more and more people seem to be catching on to the stupidity of democracy as we investigate RE-publican demands for more socialized medicine, a dead pimp elected to the State House in Nevada, an ambulance chasing prisoner voted to victory in Texas! And finally a San Francisco tax to combat homelessness supported and  administered by people who haven’t a clue what to combat!

We’ll offer a prayer for Asia Bibi and even have some fun with Durian fruit along the way…

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Bloodshed & Violence

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host peer deep into the darkness to expose more of the corrosive sources of what ails us.

Listen in to find out how your hosts think America’s pulpits and synagogues should have responded to the Tree of Life Massacre versus how so many of them actually responded.

Then it’s on the Antarctica where one of Charles Darwin’s disciples acted out one of the foundational principles of Darwinian philosophy with a butcher knife, in an act that can rightly be judged evil by Christian standards, (but by Darwin’s not so much).

We’ll visit the latest “gun free” business to experience the wrath of another disciple of Darwin, (this one with  gun).

Then it’s across the seas where Europe’s worship of rules is leading to her suicide, and to Pakistan where the worship of the false god of the pedophile prophet Mohammed may just lead to the death of Asia Bibi and her family! We join her husband in calling on the President to act.

And then we’ll check into something of a reunion… this time of the “Taliban 5” who were released by Obama in exchange for a deserter, and the reunion is in Qatar with the Afghan Taliban! And that’s the same Afghan Taliban who’s “insider” just killed the mayor of North Ogden Utah, Brent Taylor of the Utah National Guard, on his 4th tour of Hell on Earth.

We’ll look in on the former Great Britain as she prepares to repatriate 80 “Isis Brides” and their children, quite possibly in an insane bid to outdo the afore-mentioned European Union’s suicidal madness of worshipping rules instead of God.

Then it’s more of Darwin’s disciples, this time manifesting his virulent racism; calling a family suffering from genetic mutations “animals” “missing links” and “evolutionary throwbacks”.

We’ll check in on the pile of pro-abort, homosexual and lesbian lawyers running “Our Children’s Trust” and the lawsuit against America by the child victims of America’s child killing climate policy.

We’ll run the numbers on the latest report from environmental “researchers” that claim Latin America has lost 90 percent of its wildlife. And that even if leftist governments fund their research and stop the catastrophic, man-made climate change induced “extinction events” happening all around us, the earth is still due to lose 90 percent of all corals… color us skeptical.

Join us for a visit with Whitey Bulger to analyze how it is that a lock in a sock works better than America’s Just-a-system, with Sully Sullenberger who should have just shut up and let us keep thinking he was alright, and with the President who is doing fine with building the wall and all, but has a penchant for populist antagonism that shouldn’t sit well with men who fear God and know history.

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Who is Responsible

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host examine just who is responsible for all the heated political rhetoric, and even the killing.

Tune in to reason number 1,170 to get or keep your kids out of Career Day with a Drag Queen at the local government school, and find out why naming the latest Catholic leadership meeting the “Synod of Bishops on Young People” was almost as unfortunate as the Pope giving audience to the director of the blasphemous “Last Temptation of Christ.”

Find out where to buy your Bruce “Trans-Jenner” Halloween costume while learning the shocking truth about other homosexuals, mass murderers, cult leaders and the politicians who promote them.

We’ll take you from the heroic escapades of Joachim Roenneberg winning World War Two to the criminal culpability of modern politicians as they fund family destruction (and even actual terrorism) via their so-called welfare programs!

We will tell you why all this violence is being visited upon the innocent and just who is responsible, from The Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh to the grocery store in Jefferson Town Kentucky, to the campaign coffers of Mike Pence and Donald Trump

And we will take you across the border where Mexican politicians take the lead from north of the border promoting “Largely Illegal” child killing, and to Georgia where a teenager chose killing to solve his problem, and then got himself killed.

And one final stop in North Carolina where one week ago the man who butchered his mother was judged, and allowed to live in peace, on the same day Rae Carruth left the prison where he had lived in peace for nearly 20 years after murdering his girlfriend, and attempting to murder his own son.

Ever wonder what can be done about all the violence these days? Tune in and find out how we can stop it!