Don’t Feed the Heathens

America’s most attractive audio engineer returns along with her host… and hungry!

Listen in to hear news of the spontaneous disappearance of a young girls inoperable brain tumor and the implications of that for the miraculous.

The Red Chinese atheist, communist, murderous government has demanded that the State sanctioned church remove the First Commandment because Xi Jinping opposes it.

It appears that a second young black homosexual has been killed by homosexualist Democrat Edward Buck. (And other democrats and homos are actually starting to get upset about it).

And despite the best efforts of lawyers, politicians and other assorted deviants and perverts in Nevada to preserve the life of convicted murderer Scott Raymond Dozier, Mr. Dozier did in fact finally receive the death penalty.

We’ll talk about a world in which child murder is the leading cause of death, and how the viscousness associated with such a thing is expressed on any given day in America.

But not to worry! England has appointed her first “Food Surplus and Waste Champion” in the person of Camilla Parker-Bowles slow witted nephew in order to lead the fight against the “unforgivable” amount of food wasted in the kingdom!

We’ll talk about the Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos scandal and divorce, the differences between Alabama and Oregon when it comes to eating things found on the highway, and the impending Judgment of Harry Reid and Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

We’ll also touch upon the terrifying prospect of trying to eat food when the government shut down has stopped the FDA’s food inspections, (well, some of them anyway).

And you’ll hear how the liberal geniuses at Starbucks choose to deal with the “issue” of junkies in their bathrooms.

You’ll find out why Mumia Abu Jamal is getting a new trial, (and it’s not because anyone thinks he didn’t do it), how sicko pagans plan to have themselves composted into festering cubes of black goo, and a short lesson on precisely what a heathen is, and why you should be concerned about them!

And then there are the combovers of Juan Williams and Don Lemmon, Prime Rib, Neon Signs, and a little bit of the Blues. All this and more at the podcast below…



Natalists for Suicide Prevention

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they fuel the economy of Spirit & Life with a healthy combination of old thinking and tough love.

There’s the usual coverage of the weekly bloodbath that is America under The Proctocracy’s Just-a-Systerm, with gang fights, the slitting of throats and murderers on “catch and release” committing… well, more murders.

And in a effort to assist with suicide prevention we here at the Worldview would like to remind anyone thinking of killing themselves that you are a horrible person for thinking about inflicting your selfish suicide upon those who love you. Please spare us your ponderous self loathing, and forget about hurting yourself, because it will only hurt other people less deserving of pain than you. You make us sick!

And please be advised that suicide dramatically increases the odds you’ll fry in the torments of Hell for all eternity.

We’ll also discuss our support for “Natalism” and our disagreement with “experts” who think fewer children in the world is something to celebrate.

And by the way, your children’s share of the American federal debt increased by about 50 cents in the time it takes to listen to the podcast today. Doesn’t seem like much until you add it up (because it’s every hour; hour after hour upon hour after hour), and then you should be ready for some sort of revolution…

And speaking of fifty cents, it’s been rumored that’s about what furloughed federal worker will have to live on over the next few weeks. We’re asking employees who’s jobs actually matter to at least donate a bottle of water to any emaciated, non-critical federal employees you see stumbling out of their hovels.

Tune in to hear about the latest homosexual cultural appropriation of something is simple as a kiss, Russian bombers meddling in the Western Hemisphere, how not to deter terrorism, (and how to, too).

Find out how knowing God in Pakistan can get you a death sentence, how America’s disastrous departure from Syria is shaping up to be more disastrous than our deployment there, and how it is that something like Polio appears to have somehow invaded the land.

We’ll share with you some encouraging news from the field of targeted antibodies and immuno-therapy in the fight against cancer.

And we celebrate the fact that 2018 ended with a record low for violent tornadoes, but warn you against getting violently ill when CNN has two deviants, (one of whom is “expecting“) leading the nation in the lisping, festering version of Auld Lang Syne for New Years.

All this and another fornication detonation, murder over a manicure, and the upbeat story of our other brother Darrell’s heart juxtaposed against depressing piles of ugly, white lesbians!