Enter The Christians

Doug McBurney and his extremely attractive audio engineer bring a message of conservative talk & hope amidst the avalanche of smut and darkness sliding down upon the nation from atop the proctocracy.

Tune in to the podcast below to hear how one woman with Down Syndrome survived to appear at Fashion Week in New York, while 92% of her peers did not survive. Hear how the police were forced by the protocrats to persecute a couple of entrepreneurial teenagers in New Jersey. And find out about the seismic fault line discovered under Dallas Texas!

President Samantha Power has declared from atop her apocalyptic horse that ground troops will be necessary to defeat the Islamic State, while her deputy Barry Obama barely mustered “profound sadness” regarding the latest slaughter of an American civilian, Kayla Jean Mueller.

We discuss the possibility to Euro-humanism “coexisting” with Islam in France, and the fact that despite the inability of Barry HO, or his four horsewomen, or anyone in the American military or government to formulate a plan to defeat the Islamists, brave middle eastern Christians are bringing a surge, and insurgency even, of good news of Jesus Christ to the millions enslaved and abused at the hand of the pagan Imams and their dark caliphate.

The brother of the sitting governor of New York says our rights come not from our Creator, but from men! Montana lawmaker David Moore has finally boldly stated the obvious; that yoga pants should be illegal in public! And David Axelrod has confirmed the fact that Barry lied about homosexual marriage, and McBurney makes a prediction regarding the timing of Barry’s possible “coming out”.

We celebrate the resignation of Oregon’s left wing graft ridden governor until we discover he’ll be replaced by an openly bisexual deviant. Judge Roy Moore’s in an all out war as he mans the rear guard action against the forces of homosexual marriage. And Ruth Bader Ginsburg proves she’s least dangerous and deranged when she’s drunk and passed out!

Colorado proctocrats will spend over 7 million on themselves as the prosecute the confessed Aurora Theater Killer James Holmes, an Ohio 11 year old has been charged with murdering a 2 month old, and fewer than half of America’s teenagers are growing up in an intact family, while fewer that 20% of black kids live with their biological mom and dad.

Listen in as we reveal reason number 875 to get, or keep your kids out of the government schools, (they won’t be allowed to speak of, or even hear the name of the Living God). Bryn Mawr College will accept trans women, won’t admit trans men, but will allow students to change their gender while attending.

And Bradley Manning, America’s most prolific traitor will become a contributing writer for the newspaper as he languishes in prison and considers his options at Bryn Mawr College!

It’s all here! More conservative talk ion one hour than most hosts can muster in whole week!


Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as she bumps in and out of the various misadventures of America’s Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse, (and others…)

That’s right, we name names! Samantha Power, Valerie Jarrett, Victoria Nuland & Susan Rice have seized the levers of power within the Proctocracy! And they’re threatening to bring their brand of Humanist self worship from the White House to your house!

Meanwhile in Iceland, a thousand years of Christianity is slowly giving way to the return of Thor, while the US Supreme Court is considering whether 30 years of food, water, shelter and medical care constitutes “cruel and unusual punishment” for a convicted murderer, and the growing controversy over vaccinations is addressed by the host with a moderate position.

Polygamy has gone from a crime to reality show, Pope Francis lands in the “good pope” file with his defense of fatherhood and corporal punishment, and the Archeologists spade has once again confirmed the historicity of the Bible!

Iran is very close to winning the war begun by hapless humanist George W. Bush, who thought democracy was the answer, (but it turns out Iran has a different solution). The rulers in Japan are trying to figure out whether to weep, or wet themselves over the ISIS murder of their citizens, (Barry HO suggests that golf is his preferred coping mechanism), and the Western Allies have apparently decided to arm another unstable, Middle Eastern country, (this time Jordan) in hopes of maybe containing the Islamic State…

Speaking of the Islamic State: their treasurer in Syria has fled, stealing a million dollars from his fellow “holy” warriors, leaving former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to conclude that they simply cannot be defeated.

And finally, while humanist actress Julianne Moore insists she has “completely created my own life”, US Army Ranger school will welcome it’s first group of girls to camp in April, at the insistence of the aforementioned Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse, who we believe are just the girls to lead the first Army Ranger Amazon Brigade into battle!

Tip of the spear baby!



Snapshots from the Bizzaro World

This week America’s own world class conservative talk host and his extremely attractive audio engineer bump around talk of science, religion and politics from a proper, correct, enlightening and sometimes hilarious world view!

Hear about Bruce Jenner’s descent into mental illness, (and how his family is encouraging him to make it a reality show), how Suge Knight has capped off a career of crimes against humanity with murder, how it was that ending long term unemployment benefits was the biggest engine for “job creation” in 2014, how an open flaming homo in the Colorado legislature had his cold, dark conscience exposed by a godly prayer, and just how corrupt the whole Obamaphone fiasco really is.

We dive right in and ask the tough questions about science…. really? Find out how you can participate in Question Evolution Day, hear how atheist fear mongers are warning of “Peak Food“, while other atheist are telling us they know a skull is 55,000 years old, but they’re not sure if it was a boy or a girl, and Robert Boyle, one of the fathers of modern chemistry is profiled regarding his discovery of “Boyle’s Law”, the invention of the original litmus test, and his belief, (along with many other fathers or science) in Adam & Eve, Noah & the Flood, and the coming judgement by fire at the end of the age!

A drunken bureaucrat managed to penetrate White House security in a DWI (“droning while intoxicated“) adventure, Iran is sending communications and threat to Israel via their apparent new favorite ally the United States, The American State Department is letting the Moslem Brotherhood in through the front door, while congress is forced to sneak the Israeli Prime Minister in through the back, and Raul Castro wants Gitmo back (almost as much as Barry wants to give it back)!

At least one of the terrorist generals swapped for Bowe Bergdahl is returning to the fight, (even as the Presidential team of Valerie Jarrett, Samantha Power & their assistant Barack Obama are working hard to avoid Bergdahl’s Court Martial for desertion), while the new king of Saudi Arabia is a well known terrorist, (and the Saudi Flag that Barry bowed to and the ISIS flag both just happen to carry the same message)!

And finally, as ISIS releases another video of a beheaded civilian captive, we are reminded that the pedigree of the Islamists we must fight leads right back through the gates of Auschwitz