Lend your ear as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host lay out myriad possibilities obscuring the one true reality.

Hear about America’s threat to arrest prosecutors of the International Criminal Court, Fox News’ sketchy claim that Assad is ready to let go with chemical weapons, and the gas attack that wasn’t on Sept. 11th.

We’ll drop in on the fraternizing Woman Marine who broke into the infantry, only to find her passions lie elsewhere, cheer a dad who shot and killed a carjacker to save his daughter, admonish a Georgia public schools half-hearted attempt at corporal punishment, and call the cops on a Canadian pervert and his tranny marionette!

Witness the collapsing state of Domestic Tranquility as we examine the author, (and finisher) of “How to Murder Your Husband”, and a mom who chose murder over an exchange of custody during divorce proceedings.

We’ll also present more evidence behind the old suspicion, that divorce, not unlike a venereal disease is contagious!

We’ll check in on the “3rd Generation”, who tend to believe aliens are a real possibility, and that Chelsea Clinton & Colin Kaepernick somehow speak for, and to a generation of sexually confused misfits that appear to be taking over Yale!

And finally we will check in on the tales of both Pope Francis, (communist child molester and ring leader for an all around unholy pile of homos & creeps), and Brett Kavanaugh, who lost us at “categorically, unequivocally, not then or ever…”

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Not a Simulation

America’s most attractive audio engineer is back to take you on a voyage through reality; in this universe and no other!

We’ll go recruiting magistrates in modern, guilt ridden England, sleeping on the streets of San Francisco, and then to a movie with Gloria Steinem!

And we will give Trump credit where credit is due for ending the funding of the Palestinian Terrorism Project funded through the UNRWA for the past 70 years!

We’ll look in on the U.K.’s Boris Johnson of Brexit, (and apparently adulterous philandering) fame, take a peek under the hood of the 25% of college students who are mentally ill, and check in on the fragile state of Elon Musk to find out which universe in which he plans to file bankruptcy, and eventually be committed.

Then it’s back to England to cover the rape spree of a tranny, (both in and out of; both male and female prison), the firing of a Lt. Colonel of Marines for the use of the term “faggot” (apparently as a derogatory), and then it’s THE RUSSIANS!!! with their Facebook bots and ads looking to undermine our “sacred” democracy, by trolling the extremely stupid.

All this and a breakthrough on reaching those on the left suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome! All at the podcast below…



Lying in State

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host remind you that all of this is serious, that all of us are responsible, and that while our laughter ameliorates our tragic state, it is allegiance to the Living God that overcomes it.

We’ll visit with aliens,(space… not illegal) via a remarkable candidate vying to serve our sacred democracy, Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera, with Roy Cohn and  decadent homosexual lifestyle that got him killed via Politico, and with pervy teachers handing out condoms to their students.

Find out why Barry Ho’s CDC director was arrested, why Brown University censored a study on the mass hysteria that is gender dysphoria, how Texas produces almost as much oil these days as Russia and Saudi Arabia, and why Gonorrhea is number one with a bullet again!

We’ll look in on the inherently hypocritical founder, spokesman, and perhaps only member of the Voluntary Human Extinction “movement“, suicide and suspected abuse among pre-teens, and the fate of ugly fruit, (and vegetables).

We pay our backhanded respects to the sheer gaudiness and audacity that marked the funerals, the gauche displays of lying in state, and the pathetic comments made in regards to singer Aretha Franklin and liar, thief, and murderer John McCain, (and Ted Kennedy).

We’ll also touch on the whole controversy around Canadian “bacon”, atheists and child rearing, and the tragic and precarious state of our fragile temporal existence… All at the Podcast below: