Straight to Hell

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host explain why Hell was one of God’s best ideas!

Speaking of Hell, you’ll get to hear Alexandria Ocasio Cortez wail and gnash, challenging anyone who threatens her her ability to sleep around and kill babies.

And we’ll delve into the darkness to discover the people for whom Hell will be constructed; like the mother daughter pair who murdered Marlen Ochoa-Lopez to steal the baby from he womb. And Thomas Gilbert Jr. who murdered his father. And Derion Vence, who murdered his girlfriends four year old daughter. And Cadesha Bishop, who killed 74 year old Serge Fournier because he wanted her to “be nice“.

We follow up on your hosts prediction that the tranny who murdered Kendrick Castillo and wounded 8 others at the STEM school shooting in Colorado did not know her father.

We’ll check in with vulgar heathen Bill Nye “the filthy-mouthed guy” as the mask comes off a fellow who’s last true statement was something regarding photosynthesis in the 1990s!

And then it’s over to the EU where the completely defiled and pathetic adults are apparently looking to the children for leadership.

Then it’s on to Jeff Bezos trying to convince us he can save the earth, but we remind you that he couldn’t even save the most fundamental and important social contract he ever entered into on the earth, (his marriage).

We’ve got robots coming to farm, an exorcist with some good advice, (and a few strange ideas), Joe Biden: the best the Democrat Party can do at the moment, and breaking news on the Trump opera that we leave to the myriad outlets obsessed with it.

All that and a few thoughts regarding all the excitement surrounding the so called “Heartbeat Bills”, abortion exceptions, and killing innocent people who cannot defend themselves. At the podcast below:



The Obscene, the Scared and the Optimistic

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host span the globe & beyond for the stories that really matter, (at least to them).

We’ll analyze claims from the Chinese that they have a “LASER rifle” that can set the enemies of the people on fire from half a mile away… really?

We’ll go underground with experts pitching ideas from escaping the increasingly severe flooding Global Climate Change will produce by, you guessed it… going underground! (And we might be able to figure out how to park cars down there too).

Then there are the Uber drivers who choose to strike rather than just move on with their lives, the bums in L.A. infecting the police tasked with humoring them, and a story about DNA from 17,000 years ago that just doesn’t pass the sniff (ie math) test.

We’ll go to Pennsylvania for reason number 1,197 to get or keep your children out of the government schools, (because even when they could say God Bless America, they didn’t really mean it).

Listen in for confirmation of your hosts admonition of the Anti-Semitic press, the dangers of dud LED lightbulb induced darkness in Detroit, and to Massachusetts, where the release of a so called “innocent man” convicted of rape in 1987 has led to the rape of another, (yet the lawyers who freed him tell us that’s OK).

Asia Bibi has escaped the death sentence in Pakistan for a life of fear of death at the hand of Moslems in Canada.

Donald Trump called unrepentant adulterer Tiger Woods a “symbol of America” as he pinned a medal on him, (and we agree).

The Pornography and resultant rampant sexual immorality that some want to give lip service as a public health crisis is actually fatal and spreading.

And we’ll check in with thoughts about a defiant punk in Florida with a dirty bumper-sticker on his car and the cop who arrested, (and we wish would have night sticked) him.

All that and mass shootings, mad mullahs, heroism, shame, terror and bias in the mainstream media… really!



Godless Stupid Morons

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host survey the destruction wrought by the godless on the heart and soul of America and the world.

We’ll take you to Minnesota where the government schools are employing pornography as a teaching aid, to George Washington High School, where murals of George Washington are triggering the hopelessly ignorant,  and to Rocklin County California where kindergartners will be set up to learn more about tranny’s & queers than they will about the aforementioned Mr. Washington!

We’ve got confused Hollywood idiots like Zoe Saldana with “sort of very” gender fluid parenting suggestions, the Sundance Film Festival where the founder is a child molester, and off the coast of Florida where prayers were answered in a statistically inevitable event.

Learn how the UNplan to save all of nature was laid out by intoxicated deviants over truffles in Paris, (and in fewer days than it took God to create all of nature).

Hear college educated, seemingly intelligent former astronaut Buzz Aldrin predict the “great migration of humankind to Mars”, how Jerry Springer and NBC are being sued for pushing a marginal person over the edge of suicide, and how statistically significant increases in teen suicide recorded after the debut of a show about suicide on Netflix somehow left “experts” scratching their collective heads, wondering if there could be a causal relationship…

Hear all about the release of an entire cell of terrorists who once plotted to bomb the New York subway system, inspired adolescent Americans singing to Allah about chopping off the heads of Jews, the continuing murder epidemic being perpetrated upon Christinas by practitioners of the religion of peace, and how one fornicating teenager in America put his own dark spin on beheading.

We’ll visit Venezuela to see what real Russian meddling looks like, (and to see what real socialism looks like).

And finally on to Israel where the undercurrent of antisemitism being practiced (even openly now) in the west is being put into action by Iran and Islamic Jihad against civilians in Israel.

All this and and a couple passing thoughts on logical impossibility of the non existence of God, and the non existent people group called “Palestinians”.

Al this and more at the podcast below: