Barbarians at and Within the Gates

Listen is as America’s most attractive audio engineer delivers salvos of reason and right from her host, over the psychological walls of the prison that is Godlessness.

We begin with reason number 1099 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools… yes, another school shooting.

Meanwhile at the airport prepare enhanced molestation by the TSA partly because America no longer possesses the moral authority and wisdom to appropriately subdue and destroy our enemies, (in fact we don’t even recognize them anymore).

In Baltimore we can’t even have a civilized bike share program because the thieves are running wild in the streets!

And to add insult to the already considerable injury of occultists, deviants and sex perverts running our government and media, now the Trump Administration has granted $138M to psychologically, (at the very least) molest 4 to 6 year old children with the queer’s transgender ideology.

Even aging lesbians like Camille Paglia from the hippy days find the whole thing a bit hard to tolerate…

One of the young women once called “wife” by Rosie O’Donnell has committed suicide, leaving behind an innocent 4 year old daughter.

And on the Personhood front, our society’s dehumanization of the child in the womb proceeded out of the womb and into a toilet at McDonalds. Where but for the fortitude of local police yet another life would have been taken by a young woman taught that the baby in her womb was something less than human.

All this, and messages to aliens, North Korean Missiles, Hurricanes, Islamic Bombs, the St. Louis Riots and advice on conquering your fears via pruning of the trees.



Misgendering & Civilizational Dimembering

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host race among the ruins on the way to helping all of us remember why the Living God ever decided to bother with us in the first place…

We’ll examine mankind’s inexhaustible ability to massively miss the point with the SHABBULB! (And how it is that Messianic Jews can no longer officially get married in Israel).

Check the state of Domestic tranquility with us as we process the shameful Slender Man plea deal, the murder of 3 innocent children by their maniac relative, and the pile of homos involved in the Northwester/Oxford slaying.

You’ll hear reason 1093 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools, (stabbing), reason 1098, (Gay Pride Flags and Confederate Flags), reason 1096, (no talk about Jesus), reason 1095, (transgender children’s books), reason 1097, (“misgendering”), and reason 1094… all the public school teachers in ANTIFA!

Find out why advertisers are choosing the Mark of the Beast over just advertising to their customers, why a serial killer in K.C. was murdering older white guys… (actually we haven’t figured that one out yet), and why Bradley Manning could have spared us all his whining if he’d just been executed like he deserved!

Hear how the judge who presided over Timothy McVeigh’s Trial now says Colorado’s Sex Offender Registry is wrong, (but for all the wrong reasons) and how Nicolas Maduro is profiting from the starvation of his people!

Then we’ll try to relate why it is Defense Secretary Jim Mattis’ feels the need toconsult a panel of experts before he throws the tranny’s and sex perverts out of the military.

And then there’s some talk of chickens, heroin, burning men, roosters, the all the queer waiters in Denver.

Yes indeed all that and more at the podcast below…