Continuum of Life

Find out how to search for God as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host celebrate life, marriage, and the God given gag reflex against the lionization of the deviant.

It turns out that handing out condoms in the 90’s (and ever since) has not reduced teenage fertility, that smoking pot and leaving your morphine pills around can result in manslaughter, and that since the legalization of child killing, more and more parents opt for murder as the solution to marital strife.

The Just-a-System sentenced a child rapist to 20 years when he should have been executed, the Satanists say they will now man the picket lines for Planned Parenthood, and Ellen Degenerate and the criminal perverts at Disney continue their diabolical mission to corrupt the minds of God’s children.

Venezuelans are “feeling the Bern” by way of food riots, while the recent middle eastern history of Bernie’s rival Hillary continues to hang over her head like a Libyan scimitar, or a Kuwaiti bank note.

America’s “allies” against the Taliban in Afghanistan continue to rape boys, hackers are “fighting” ISIS with gay porn, (like they wouldn’t have posted that somewhere anyway), and as we all suspected the idea of a “Lone Wolf” terrorist is utter fiction!

And you’ll learn about seeking God, spotting the fake ones, and why fornication should be re-criminalized.

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Some Kind of Legacy

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer steers her host through the slings and arrows and deadly legacies of enemies foreign and domestic.

They’ll take you to the Falls Church, where parents and school administrators debate which bathroom is appropriate for the boys who think they’re girls in the shadow for former attendees like George Washington.

And observe the collapse of the American birth rate in the shadow of Brittany Maynard, the mother of all “assisted” suicides.

Journey back in time to understand how God’s handwriting exonerated an innocent man before It convicted the guilty in the world first case of a murder conviction secured with the aid of DNA evidence!

You’ll hear of the creative and disgusting sentence handed down to a man who raped a 6 year old boy, how an up and coming singer from “The Voice” was murdered by an enemy domestic, and how a rancher in Southern Oregon has proven that a thief is known to be a thief the moment he steals, (and not just after he is duly convicted).

Also, find out why America would be better off naming the next available rancher, or just about anyone) to the presidency rather than choosing between the two ego-maniacal caricatures the parties have devolved upon.

Witness the latest domestic detonation at Dallas’ Love Field, the latest Islamist detonation at a night club in Orlando, and another couple of military jets falling out of the sky.

And while the Swiss have rejected a guaranteed income for all slackers, we must find pause at the fact that the NBA is promoting sodomy, (and sodomites), and sexually confused boys are being allowed to compete against the girls in sports under the tutelage of their abusive parents and teachers!

And one more thing… We are hopping our audience can help confirm that the new mayor of Houston Texas is in fact a man named Syslvester, and not merely a recently “transitioned” former mayor and acknowledged sex pervert Annise Parker, (who was immortalized in a classic Weekly Worldview bit a few years back. Take a look at the picture, and you decide!

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner

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Holder, Clinton, Albright, Syphilis, Gonorrhea

The nations most attractive audio engineer takes you and her host on another romp through the collapse of what could have been a once great civilization!

We’ve learned that Moslem scientists have come up with exactly what the world needs now: more Viagra!

Eric Holder tells us that treason is a public service.

And our two Worldview “everyday heroes” are a dad who lunged for the neck of his daughters murderer, and a husband who beat his wife’s would be rapist to death with a tire iron!

Super Syphilis & Monster Gonorrhea could end up as the most ubiquitous legacy of the modern Democrat party.

The liberal utopia of Chicago logged 6 murders and 66 shootings over Memorial Day Weekend.

While the equivalent of a liberal social disease; Madeleine Albright declared that “nobody is going to die“, over Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information, (even as investigators told us that the names (and hence the lives) of concealed intelligence officials were put at risk by Hillary’s refusal to properly employ prophylactic electronic security).

Cassius Clay has lost his life, but not his pride.

Meanwhile, as too many men & women of the christian west go clubbing with their condoms & IUD’s in tow, a Pakistani man is well on his way to 100 Moslem children!

We discuss the rising antisemitism of the French, Atheists who want to have the Love of God without God, how Bumblebees make atheists look like complete and utter fools, and the delusional minds of the rich and moronic!

Hear all this with a bit of biting wit, dark humor, and some groovy tunes at the podcast below…