Slide of the Secular Socialist Democracy

America’s most attractive audio engineer returns with her host to help you get a better grip on reality, and to tell you that despite what you might hear, you are not condemned to live in fear.

We start with ROBOTS!! Yes, Robots! They’re not just for flipping burgers anymore!

And then there are the ALIENS!!!! Yes, the “ancient aliens” History / Disney is touting as a possible replacement for the crumbling theories of the Big Bang, and Darwinian Evolution…

Find out why the Just-a-System teaches criminals that they can get away with murder, even when sentenced to “death”, and how it makes common-place behavior that once would have shocked the nation for weeks!

We’ll get our weekly dose of unreality and fear dressed up as science from Stephen Hawking, and visit with a man declared three times “brain-dead” who woke up snoring! Because, like we’ve seen with so many others… brain-dead ain’t necessarily dead!

The Supreme Court is set to decide if the governments of the Secular Socialist Democracies can now extend their immoral tax policies to the Internet, while in Stamford Connecticut the Board of Representatives has decided they may no longer be identifiable as men and women any longer.

We’ll give a shout out to an alleged drunken slut who destroyed some Andy Warhols art, (an unfortunate crime yes, but after all the victim was a lawyer), and any destruction of Andy Warhols influence must be considered a net positive for society going forward… no?

We’ll talk about “gentrification” in Denver and in Israel, where the Palestinian Authority insists on the death penalty for Arabs who sell “Palestinian Lands” to Jews, and Moslem Imams continue to insist on the death penalty for Jews… who are, well, just being Jews.

We will thank God for his many built in mechanisms to reduce crime, and for Tim Tebow who went from something pro-abort doctors likened to a tumor to an all around really decent fellow! And we mostly thank his mom, Pam Tebow!

And we’ll ask out loud why it is all media is obsessed with Trumps vulgar, but accurate description of most of the world, (and if we’re not mistaken, every Travelodge that ever existed), while ignoring the fact that President Trump has broken his promise regarding Obamas Iran Nuclear Deal!

All that and our own tale of “gentrification” as told by an interracial couple, (just to avoid offending anyone in the media).



Antidote for the Bamboozled

Listen in to a New Year of America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as propaganda gives way to the news.

If you thought we made it through the New Year’s holiday without the much feared massacre… think again. a 16 year old in Long Branch New Jersey robbed his family, and the rest of us of that luxury.

We bring you reason number one thousand, one hundred and nineteen to get or keep your kids out of the government schools with the “Queering the Bible” series, presented by a jewish lesbian at the formerly Christian Swarthmore College.

Then an appropriate segue into earthquakes.

Get an in depth analysis of the 2017 awarding of the “Pro-life Person of the Year”… going to Donald J. Trump, as presented by Troy Newman of “Operation Rescue Troy Newman From Having to Make an Honest Living“, a popular pro-life industry fund raising, and bamboozling organization.

Find out about allegations of Hebrew tax persecution in France, just executions of Islamist murderers in Egypt, and the rising tide of “low level” crime in England.

Corey Gardner burnished his bamboozler bonafides this past week. Buttressing his promise to give our daughters birth control pills with a new promise to give our sons legalized dope.

And while surgical abortion is on the decline, it just keeps getting easier and easier to kill innocent people. And Planned Parenthood is planning alright! Planning to sell hormones to tranny’s on top of their already horribly lucrative service of murdering innocent children.

All this plus frostbite, chickens, restaurant reviews, Fire and Fury, Fake News, and the real reason America is so divided.



Notes from the Precipice

As America’s most attractive audio engineer stands here looking over into there, she invites you to hear all about how we got here and where we’re going.

We look in on a “family” of trannies giving new meaning to the term “Raising Arizona“, as they sink into a mire of insanity laid for them by the Christians who told them sexual immorality was no longer criminal.

Hear about Emma, a person, frozen in her embryonic state for 24 years, and now alive and well, thank you very much!

And while the pro-life industry sends out fund raising letters on “winning” because Planned Parenthood is shuttering surgical abortion clinics, we shine the harsh light of reality upon how the abortion pills we’ve all allowed to be made legal renders moot any so called victory.

And the world teeters on the precipice on the eve of the New Year as Iran’s Green Revolution emerges in a post Obama reality, and as Obama and his minions come under scrutiny for what they did for Hezbollah, to give the Mad Mullah’s their nuclear bomb.

As we learn the truth about Tiananmen Square 1989. As a Constitutional crisis brews over tranny’s in the military. And as China & Russia are caught red handed supplying North Korea for WWIII.

Meanwhile in Germany the “safe zone” for women this New Years Eve will shrink from the size of a civilized nation to about the size of a football pitch….

And in England the new normal is tranny nurses freaking out a normal woman forced to flee the hospital in fear, without her tests, and quite possibly in danger of being arrested for a hate crime!

The Democrats and RE-publicans got all the mileage they needed out of that “unborn children” language in the Tax Reform Bill, and it was duly cast aside after bamboozling the Christians and inflaming the feminists… all for the sake of fund raisers don’t you know.

Donald Trump has re-nominated Chai Feldblum, one of Barry Ho’s most aggressive homosexualists to high office.

The British government schools are full of perverts and child molesters, (as are the American schools, and even some of the churches).

And a pile of queers in Aspen wants to “Make America Gay Again”? Well, here’s a New Year’s Eve toast to knowing that she never was, and to hope that she doesn’t go that way.